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CollegeEssay.org has a team of highly trained professionals that are dedicated to providing the best possible service for all the customers. From writers who specialize in different fields to editors ensuring your paper is flawless - our team encompasses highly experienced individuals.

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How We Hire Our Expert Writers?

How We Hire Our Expert Writers?

We are committed to hiring the best essay writers in this industry. We conduct thorough background checks on all candidates and put them through rigorous tests before they become part of our team, ensuring that each one can deliver high-quality work without fail!

  • Proof of Identity

    To better serve and take care of our customers, we ask for a potential writer's ID before they start working on your project.

  • Degree Verification

    We verify the authenticity of diplomas to ensure that they are from an accredited educational institution. This includes degrees with stamps and signatures, so you can be sure your writer is qualified!

  • Writing Samples

    We are looking for a candidate who can handle various client requests and provide us with great work. So, we request writing samples from the applicant, which our QA department thoroughly checks.

  • Craft An Essay

    The potential writer is given a writing prompt after their interview with us. They have to complete the essay, which shows if they are ready for the standard of work that we require.

  • Trial Period

    The final step! We offer them a 1-month trial period so we can see how everything goes. If things work out well, then an official invitation will be given to join our team of top-notch professionals.

Reliable and Top-Quality Services

We're the best at what we do. You can't go wrong with our services, and that's why you should choose us!


Why wait for someone else when you can have a professional writer write your paper? Simply give us the requirements and we'll take care of everything from start to finish.


We are the best option for people who need help with their papers. We will rewrite your paper as many times as you want for free. We guarantee that you'll get top marks!


We're always ready to go the extra mile for our clients. Send us an edit request and we'll have it back in your hands ASAP, guaranteed!


We proofread our clients' work to make sure they get the best possible grade. We go over every finished assignment, checking for spelling errors and grammar usage so your document looks flawless without any mistakes!

95% Satisfaction Rate

95% Success Rate

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Benefits of Working With CollegeEssay.org

Affordable Pricing Policy

Whether you only need some urgent assistance or want a lengthy dissertation, you can rest assured that our pricing policy will fit your needs.

Wide Range of Papers

CollegeEssay.org is here to help you with all your academic needs. From custom-written assignments and dissertations - we do it all!

Assistance for Multiple Subjects

Our professional writers are experts in more than 100 subjects, and they will submit a flawless paper written from scratch according to your requirements.

100% Plagiarism-free Papers

We guarantee you that our papers will be 100% plagiarism-free and will be written from scratch. You also get a free plagiarism report along with every paper that you buy from us.

Timely Delivery Always

When you need an urgent paper, count on us to deliver what your professor expects. We value everyone's time and will work quickly so that deadlines are met.

Efficient Quality Assurance

Our team of editors and proofreaders ensures that your paper is free from all kinds of errors and mistakes. We take a lot of pride in our work and we're confident that you will be happy with the end result.

What Do Our Clients Say About Our Services?

Here are some of the reviews we've had from happy customers. Read them for yourself and see how our services helped people just like you!

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Josh W.

I was running late and my paper was due in the morning. Honestly, I was not even thinking about getting an A. I just wanted to submit and get done with it. What I got was amazing and yes, I did GET an A on the paper.

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Chelsea J.

‘I am doing my graduation in History and to save for my tuition fee, I am also working a part-time job. Ever since I found these guys, I can sleep peacefully knowing that my paper will be done by the time I wake up.’

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Sean M.

‘I previously got cheated by a writing service, which is why it was difficult for me to trust anyone else. But I was having a very very short deadline and I had no choice. I am happy that I made that decision.’

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Zoe D.

‘I was working with a writing service for the very first time, which is why it was a big decision for me. I had heard a lot of things about such services, not the good things of course, but I was looking after my mother who was in bed at that time. I badly needed help with my paper. What I got was amazing and ever since I come back whenever I need help.’

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Danielle S.

‘Amazing writer and amazing paper! The writer was very cooperative. I was in the middle of preparing for my thesis defense and I handed over the writing part to him. He made sure he was available throughout the process and helped me clarify some crucial points also.’

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Alex M.

‘I will recommend this company to everyone who is looking for last-minute help. My English Literature paper was due in the morning and there I was wondering what Shakespeare was trying to say in the fourth stanza of God knows what poem. I handed over the paper to them and within 6 hours, I got my completed paper. It was amazing!’

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I've ordered work from them several times, and they always get the job done on time. They take all of my requirements into account, which I really appreciate. I'm glad to know them and would recommend them to anyone.

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I was asked to write an essay in a short time and on a topic that I did not understand. I did not know what to do. But then I found you, and you helped me get very high-quality work done. Thank you!

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I have never been able to write an essay competently. A friend of mine recommended you, and I ordered an essay from you on a difficult topic. Everything is clear, and on the topic, the uniqueness is perfect.

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Haydon B.

I am completely satisfied with my recently-completed essay on College Essay. It includes thorough analysis of the play and written perfectly. I can't thank these guys enough for their excellent work at such an affordable price point. Keep it up!

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Olive Q.

Robert is a true professional. I had to call him on the morning of my nephew's wedding and he came through with an amazing job in less than 12 hours! He really made us feel like we were his top priority, which meant so much - thanks again!

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Taylor C.

The website is easy to use and the customer service team are always there when you need them. I submitted my essay yesterday, they were ready by this morning! Love how quickly it all happened thanks for making college life less stressful

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Aisling F.

Thank you so much! The work was done in a timely manner and fully complies with the needs of our university. I appreciate your company's commitment to excellence, it truly shows through every order that comes through this door."

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Eva G.

The essay I received was more than just an assignment. It felt like the writer really cared about making sure that he covered what we had discussed in chat. I'm glad this person wrote my paper because everything looked so good.

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Kory M.

The essay was perfect, thanks to this service I could deliver my work on time and they even went back in the editing process when asked. A great first impression! Will definitely use again

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Khia D.

I had such a great experience with this company! They not only met my expectations but went above and beyond. Provided me free plagiarism report along with my original work. Amazing job!

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Sohpi B.

Looking forward to working with you guys again. The site is easy enough for me to navigate and I like that you've provided some sample text. Have a good one!

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Gabrielle N.

It's been such an amazing experience so far! The website is really easy to navigate and I love how many talented writers they have on this platform.

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The real professionals! They provided high-quality and unique texts. There were no mistakes or plagiarism. They helped me a lot with writing some essays because I am a complete novice in that area.

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I found out about your company from my friends. I had never used a writing service like yours before, but it was a great experience. You saved my life! Thank you very much!

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I am so pleased with this service! I had no idea how to write my paper, but they made it really easy. The website has everything you need and even gives suggestions of writers based off their reviews which helped me decide who should be our top choice for the project at hand - Thankful as always!!

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I was so exhausted by the daily assignments and case studies that I couldn't pass my semester. But then this writing service provider came along, handing me a pile of work in time without fail! They've worked on every requirement professionally--thank you guys for your help!

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The writer was amazing, and I ended up with a much better paper than expected. Thank you so much.

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This website is great! I've used it a couple times so far and each time has been an excellent experience. The customer service was welcoming, and professional who helped me out via email or chat.

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It has been my pleasure working with the writing team at CollegeEssay.org. They are always quick to respond and provide excellent customer service, which is why I will be back again! All of their papers have helped me get top grades on our assignments, and they're free from errors or plagiarism too.

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When I needed an essay written quickly, CollegeEssay.org got it done. The quality of their work is amazing and so were the prices! They're cheaper than other companies too which made me even happier about choosing them for this task.

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When I needed some help with my civil engineering papers, it was nice to find a company that provided what they promised. CollegeEssay.org had been very reliable in the past and their work on this project proved just as satisfying!

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Each of our writers brings his or her own set of skills and expertise to the table, but we all share one thing - the love for education. We have experts in every academic field imaginable and from all academic levels. Whether you're looking for someone to write your thesis or just want some help getting started, we've got experts who can do it right!

Professional Editors

The paper is approved by an editor before it reaches you. This means that there are several steps in the process, and each paper must meet certain criteria to ensure quality control for ensuring the customers' satisfaction!

Dedicated Proofreaders

Proofreaders ensure that the hard work put in by the writers into your papers doesn't go wasted. This is because if there are any errors or issues left in the paper, it won’t get you the grades that you desire. Thus, we have a dedicated team of proofreaders who systematically scan your paper before you receive it. They ensure that your paper is 100% flawless and free from any kinds of mistakes.

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We're proud to offer 24/7 customer care, so you can always get in touch with us. Our team will answer all your questions and help you order - just message or email anytime!

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