10 Amazing Hacks for Essay-Writing - A Professional Guide

Essay writing is an academic exercise that is most of the time graded. An essay means something that is written down or something that is penned down after a critical overview. It would not be wrong to say that giving students essay writing is one of the favorite jobs of the teacher. Today, essay writing is a fun job because you have all the resources that can add to authenticity in the writing and eradicate all your fears about writing.

Firstly, technology is more than a blessing because you can consult an essay writing service. Such services are meant for academic assistance, you can hire a professional who can help you in finding the best material for your essay. In addition, if you don’t have time and you cannot spare time to write an essay, the professional can write it for you. One of the most significant advantages of using such a service is that they can offer as many revisions as you want. In addition, these services can meet the shorter deadlines so it is one of the best options that are readily available to be utilized.

If you are not willing to use any such service or if you think that you need to work on your essay yourself, then there are some quick hacks that can help you with essay writing.

  1. 1. Knowing your argument
  2. One of the significant hacks that can help you write a perfect essay is the knowledge of argument. The only reason why students fail in essay writing is either they fail to understand the topic or the argument. It is one of the most common concerns that teachers face because if you will understand the topic, it will be easy for you to make choices and explain the idea.

    In contrast, if you fail to understand the actual argument, it is not possible for you to come up with ideas that can support the thought or add to the logic of the essay. So, spend a lot of time understanding the idea and the argument. It is one of the reasons that students are asked to start essay writing early so that they can get plenty of time to understand everything.

  3. 2. Open to every idea
  4. Try to be open to every idea because once you will restrict yourself you will not be able to add something that can enhance the meaning of your essay. A lot of students have some points in their essays because they keep on repeating the information that is known to everyone.

  5. 3. Choice of sources
  6. Almost all students consult different online and offline sources to write their essays. So, it is suggested to make the best choice of resources because if an essay writer will not choose credible resources the text and information of the essay will not be credible. It is better to include research article or the research papers to add information to your essay

  7. 4. Organization
  8. Try to maintain organization in your essay. It can only be done if you will stick to the standards of writing an essay. If you will arrange all the paragraphs in chronological order then there are very few chances of disorganization. Then, you should try to quote information that can help your teacher think, rather than just an overview because she has already heard about it. Then, if you are adding headings, you should stick to the standard format of making heading, i.e. make only three headings (introduction, discussion, and conclusion)

  9. 5. Writing standards
  10. Try to stick to the writing standards. It means that your essay has a homogenous format. You should not add additional shapes or designs and you should follow the standard font size and the spacing schedule.

  11. 6. Referencing and citations
  12. Referencing and citations play a crucial role in maintaining the credibility of the essay. It is asserted that all the students should cite all the resources they have used because it will help you write in an academic manner. The citations and references should be done as per the font that is assigned by the institution.

  13. 7. Formatting
  14. Formatting your essay is important. It means that the essay should be written on A4 size paper. If it is typed, it should meet the obligations mentioned above. If you are writing a handwritten essay then you should not do cutting and tempering.

  15. 8. Sticking to the idea
  16. One of the most common mistakes that students make while writing a college essay is that they fail to stick to the main idea. Students waste a lot of time adding additional details such as the meaning of terms and how they are used. In the same way you should keep everything simple and to the point. One of the best ways to adhere to this idea is to follow the 6Cs of communication

  17. 9. Manage the word count
  18. Always keep a check on the word count because if you will write more than required you might face negative marking and writing less than required word count will also lead to deduction of marks.

  19. 10. Revise
  20. It is one of the best ideas that are to be used in essay writing. You should revise your essay in terms of editing and proofreading. You should read your essay several times after writing because it will help you mitigate both, intentional and unintentional errors. Many times, students leave spaces empty to be filled in later and it can only be done if you will complete your essay timely and spend considerable time revising it.

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