Having a hard time finding a topic to base your comparative essay on? Find it confusing to decide what opposites can you build an interesting and logical comparison on? Happens to everybody, whenever you are required to do something, it becomes a hard job, even if it is something simple. You just need the information to hit the right spot in order to get your brain started. A comparative essay can be a very interesting task to do just if you choose the right topic according to your interests. In order to write an interesting yet logical comparative essay, you need to broaden your horizon and look at your respective topic from every angle and every perspective. This technique will help you get your thoughts and facts into place, and will also process your write my essay online request smoothly.

What is a comparative essay?

The comparison and contrast on the similarities or differences of two things, opinions, ideas, or notions that are either somehow related, or opposite to one another, or share some common grounds when drafted in a document is a comparative essay.

Once you understand what a comparative essay is, it’s time to start drawing a mind map or forming an outline. This will help your facts and ideas fall into one particular place and make the writing process more efficient and speedier.

How to start a comparative essay?

An introduction and an ending should be the most powerful parts of an essay as they are the ones that make the most impact. The impression that the reader acquires from the first few lines and the one that he walks away with is the most significant one.

So, in order to write a powerful introduction, the first thing that should be very clear is your take on how you are going to handle a particular topic. First of all, you should have all the information about both your subjects, their common grounds, their negative aspects, and their positive aspects. Moving forward, you should have a clear idea of which characteristics of both the subjects are worth discussing, so you don’t end up talking about less important things. Also, you should form a clear opinion of your own about the contrast you are about to make but that opinion should be based strictly on facts and logistics.

Once you have made a mind map of all of these things, you are well equipped to start writing your essay. The starting of your essay is supposed to be attention-grabbing and appealing but at the same time it is supposed to give a clear idea of what the theme of the essay is and what should the reader expect.

Develop a strong thesis statement

A good thesis statement says it all. It explains what kind of draft you are presenting and also what you are going to talk about. So, in your thesis statement, you need to give away just the right kind of information. In the case of a comparative essay, introduce both of your subjects in your thesis statements, and let your readers know what you aim to compare. Always remember to present your ideas very clearly and also, make them interesting.

Moving on from your thesis statement, briefly discuss your subjects and your grounds of comparison before you start talking about them in the body paragraphs.

The real question: the topic of the essay

Choosing a topic that interests you is always a wise choice as it will make the essay writing process seem less like a job and more like a fun educational activity.

But if you still need some help to gargle some ideas out of your brain, here you will see some compare and contrast essay examples, the topics you could write one on along with short instances of how you can tackle them. Or you can also pay for essay to get the best ideas now.

Types of behaviors

This can be a really interesting yet informative topic. Topics related to psychology, mental health, personalities, etc. are already less talked about yet very appealing to people so this one can be a very smart choice.

Let’s develop a thesis statement around this topic

“Do you meet different people every day and wonder why they behave so differently? Have you ever been left wondering what makes a person the way they are? Know more about whether the person you met was an optimist, a pessimist, a trusting person, or an envious one just by looking into this topic”

This sort of thesis statement grabs the attention of the reader and immediately pulls them towards the draft

Spirit and religion

Two other subjects to compare can be spirit and religion. You can research these topics and present them wisely based on both your opinions and facts.

Let’s look at how one could start this topic

“what drives your morality? Is it an innate power, the spirit of the supreme religion? Have you ever thought about if morality would exist without religion?”

Here is an example of the introduction of a comparative custom essay. After reading intros like these, you will definitely leave people’s minds wanting more.

Relationships then and relationships now

Another topic people really find interesting and complicated at the same time is relationships. It can always be a good idea to write a draft comparing relationships in the 80s to now by presenting relevant information, data, statistics, and logic.

“Ever wondered what love looked like back then? The more civilized and disciplined tales of marriage your grandmothers tell you would definitely have more to them”

These exemplary thesis statements would have given you a perspective for sure.

Still, confused?

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