10 hook examples you can use in your narrative essay

An essay can be considered acceptable by one group of people whereas some other groups may reject it altogether. There is nothing like a perfect college essay that exists. To make an essay more interesting, one tested recipe is to put a hook statement at the start of an essay. Some famous quotes can add a lot of power and weight to your narrative. The audience will read further to know the relation between the narrative and the quote. In the following lines, we will provide examples of how hook statements can be used to engage the audience.

Statistical fact

This may include a fact that is not known to most of your audience. This may be shocking or pleasing according to the topic of the essay. The audience will explore the reason behind the statistic and will read through the whole essay. The following hook example will further elaborate on the use of the statistical facts.


  • Blind people have more nightmares as compared to others
  • This statement does not contain any statistics and can be seen as a generalized point of view.
  • Dreams of blind people are 25% nightmares whereas it is 6% for others.
  • The second statement includes some statistics and can force the audience to read through the whole essay.
  • 3 billion people are living in poverty in the 21st century.

This can be a very strong hook for an essay because the audience will be interested in the causes and consequences of this fact. The author should check the authenticity of the source before presenting a statistic.

Meaningful advice

This method can also grab the attention of the audience and they expect to get some useful information from the essay.

Decisions should be made with a cool mind and promises should be made when you are emotionally neutral.

This statement will force the audience to focus on the essay. The narrative should throw more light on this advice. There can be a story where a person did not obey this rule and had to face the consequences. What benefits can be enjoyed by acting on the advice? All the aspects should be included in the essay.

A person will think more about what was not done rather than what was.

This statement will make the audience expect some interesting story from the author that shows the regrets in life.


An essay writer can grab the attention of the audience by presenting two facts that contradict each other. These statements are generally spoken by some famous personalities.

I know one thing; that I know nothing. Socrates

This will make the audience think that something new will be shared by the writer in the narrative.


This is a commonly used hook in scientific papers. In the following hook example, we will define a term or a concept to ensure that the audience remains engaged in the narrative throughout.

A black hole has so much gravity that light cannot get out of it.

This definition will force the readers to read further so that their understanding of the concept is enhanced.

Obesity is defined as having a weight that is higher than prescribed according to age and height.

This definition will also take the audience further to know the reasons for the problem.

Strong Statement

A strong statement can include something unknown to the audience yet. Most of these statements will be related to some scientific topics.

Artificial intelligence will soon take over all the routine activities of human beings.

This statement will interest the audience to know how artificial intelligence can help them in their normal day-to-day activities.

The writer should be an expert in a field to make such a statement and the whole narrative should show the grip on the subject.


You can use a funny sentence to start.

You do not know English and you call the support to hear, if you know English, press 1 otherwise press 2.


This starting will present two options which are both not much desirable so that the author is confused and goes on to read.

What would be your stance if your best friend is marrying a cheating woman? Would you spoil happiness or not?

Famous quote

This is the simplest option available to the author. Just copy and paste a quote from a famous person that fits the context of the narrative.

“Strive not to be a success but rather be valuable” Albert Einstein

This quote will suit best when you are writing about the value added by a certain business to the economy. The business might be a success but the value addition is much more important.

Interesting fact

An exciting piece of information found during the research stage can be converted into a strong hook.

Bats sleep upside down

This statement will interest the audience to know the reasons for such an activity and its impact as well. These statements can be varied according to the audience of the essay.

Telling a genuine story

A first-person story can help the audience relate their own experiences as well. If your audience is from schools and universities, bullying can be an interesting topic especially if you were bullied in your time.

A doctor may start the essay like this:

When I was a kid, I saw my grandparents being cared for and looked after by the medical staff. I decided to be a doctor so that I could help humanity.

This guide will help you write a perfect narrative essay. Nevertheless, if you are still worried, hire a professional essay writing service to complete this task.

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