10 mistakes you must not make in a literary analysis Essay

Writing is tough when you have to present what you think and explain your ideas in a written form. It becomes even tougher when you do not have to write on your own but analyze the literary work done by someone else. This clearly does not mean that you have to criticize or only praise some piece of writing rather it means to analyze and present your stance/argument.

Essays are detailed written documents that require practice before you actually master the art of writing. This analysis essay is known as a literary analysis essay. Here you have to thoroughly go through some article/book/poem etc. and then present what you think of it, what was the main purpose of that writing, and what stance do you stick with now.

Often students come across a situation where they have to write essays as their coursework demands. If you are new to it and not sure how to get yourself started then don't worry my friend, there is a way out for you and it is to make use of some reliable essay writing service that can get you started. Writing a literary analysis essay requires focus and dedication.

There are some common mistakes that people make while writing an essay especially if it’s a literary analysis essay. I am here to help you out in that regard. I am mentioning some common mistakes below that you can keep in your mind and ensure that you do not do the same. Be smart by sticking to these rules or you can ask others to write my essay.

  1. The use of 1st or 2nd person. It is not advised to do so because it is a formal piece of writing and you are not directly talking to the reader. I, you, he, she, it, etc. should not be used. Rather you can begin like "The metaphor implies..." or "The author is trying to..." instead of "I think/believe…" etc.
  2. Literary analysis essays require a bit of practice before you are a pro. If you are still lacking the courage to do it in one go then you can practice by using some paper writing service and get yourself started. This is a common mistake as people do not proofread and become overconfident with their words and stance. Proof-reading is a must.
  3. These essays are basically about your analysis not about the plot or summary of that piece of writing which you are reviewing/analyzing. A common mistake is that people summarize it only.
  4. Not having a clear and to the point thesis statement. This is the most essential part of your essay so make sure you do not mess that up. Practice and edit till you get that perfect thesis written. Not including a thesis statement is a whole other issue. Never make this blunder.
  5. Giving too many details that should not be included. Instead, use that space for your analysis. If a reader wants to know what happened in that story or book or any piece of writing then he/she can read it himself/herself. This is a literary analysis essay so give your stance there.
  6. Wrong form of presentation. The review has to be well-structured and organized. The correct order of introductory paragraphs, body paragraphs, and the conclusion is missing at times.
  7. The incorrect writing style is also an issue. You should not use slang or colloquial words or phrases.
  8. Wrong content is the biggest problem. While reviewing, people often include wrong information to support their stance. Never do that. Rather base your stance on what is mentioned/written already and support with examples from that piece of writing only.
  9. Proper citation of direct quotations is missing.
  10. The title of the literary analysis essay is missing.

Above mentioned points are those common mistakes that people tend to make. They will not only lead you to a bad grade but also a bad impression on your instructor or anyone who reads it. Make sure you avoid these mistakes and practice so that you can become good at it. In case you need professional assistance, ask a write my paper service now. Good luck, champ!

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