10 overused expository topics you need to avoid and 70 Unique topics you can use

Is it that time again that you have been handed an expository essay to work on? An essay writer must be aware of all the specific things related to it as well to make yourself stand out. The deal with expository essays is that they include investigation of an issue with in-depth knowledge and then making a certain claim based upon your position. But remember, you never want to hop on the bandwagon and do exactly what other people had done in the past. Here are some topic ideas for you or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Most Commonly Used Topics to Avoid

  1. The role of social media in education
  2. Capital punishment as a means of deterrence
  3. Video games and violent behaviour
  4. Child abuse and its future effects
  5. The education system has gotten weak
  6. College athletes should be paid
  7. Technology overtaking humans
  8. Roles of parenting in child grooming
  9. The Healthcare system is too expensive for all
  10. Obesity is a disease

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Great Topics to Consider

  1. A diverse workforce and how it could potentially be beneficial for the organization
  2. Role of technology in increasing.decreasing industrialization waste
  3. Curtailing pollution by preserving forests
  4. Humans are responsible for wildlife being endangered
  5. Are insurance companies involved in money-making tactics?
  6. Does nature have superiority over nurture?
  7. Students are not prepared for the practical world in institutions
  8. Break times should be longer.
  9. Was Michael Jackson really the king of pop?
  10. Can a student overtake a master?
  11. Are traditions as vital as they may seem?
  12. Culture as a representation of one’s true identity.
  13. Cyberbullying and its effects
  14. Is education as important as experience?
  15. Are exams worthwhile?
  16. What is the real motive behind movie villains?
  17. Social learning and its importance in education
  18. Are rights reserved for the rich?
  19. Did aliens land on earth?
  20. Possibilities of unknown galaxies with life forms.
  21. Our marketing strategies going overboard?
  22. Role of commercials in brainwashing children.
  23. The use of smartphones in kids is hazardous
  24. The Internet is doing more harm than good.
  25. Is politics too reliant on lying?
  26. Are countries really democratic?
  27. Immigrants and their hardships
  28. Are immigrants forcing changes to demographics?
  29. The role of gender in the modern world
  30. Women can compete with men at all levels
  31. Importance of competition in success.
  32. Are people talented by birth or skills that need to be honed?
  33. The means to stop racism
  34. Sugary drinks and their harms to human health
  35. Animal testing should be banned
  36. Cloning possesses many harms
  37. Gun control and its benefits
  38. Is abortion important in the modern world?
  39. How far can Artificial Intelligence go?
  40. Possibilities of time travel
  41. Global warming is our own fault.
  42. Nature would heal better without human intervention
  43. Pandemics bringing people closer
  44. Why pandemics still prevail with advancements in technology.
  45. Difference between being called educated or smart.
  46. The difference between private and public educational institutes.
  47. The hardest part about growing up
  48. Why do people remember the previous generation?
  49. Is school time really the best time of life?
  50. People and the company they choose is a marker of their own self.
  51. Changes that the education system needs.
  52. Importance of elders in a family
  53. The essential aspect of the code of ethics
  54. Has the word “honour” lost its meaning?
  55. Will WHO be able to overcome incurable diseases?
  56. Best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle among temptations
  57. Why do certain movies do better than others?
  58. Importance of characters in literary work for its success.
  59. Why are Marvel movies always on top?
  60. Are video games mindless garbage as parents say?
  61. Is the fictional world taking over humans?
  62. Are CGI movies better comparatively?
  63. Is having faith in Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy good for children?
  64. Is a fantasy world better than the actual one?
  65. Are commodities reasonably priced?
  66. Can an old dog learn some updated techniques?
  67. Pets are members of the family
  68. Teachers have become mechanic rather than compassionate
  69. Better scholarships for all those less fortunate
  70. Why is android the most popular Operating System

That pretty much about wraps it up for all the topics to give you some thinking time. If the choice for the ectopic is open then you should be able to get some great ideas. Of course, these are not hard and fast and you could always make certain changes but always try to pick one that best suits your style. Maybe you are fond of movies and video games, then by all means go ahead and pick one that involves these. Expository essay topics serve as a guide but if you need more assistance, then expert writers are at your service. They would help you with the various tasks and guide you throughout to make your life that much easier.

Remember, in the essay, you would be taking a position. Many believe and confuse this essay with an argumentative essay but there is some difference. An argument essay is more based on persuasion while an expository is more information-based. You would be using all the research you could get your hands on but just to show your point of view. Since it would be an essay so you would be following all the rules of traditional essay writing.

The thesis statement would be the main thing that would be putting forth your point in front of the audience. From there on, you would be trying your best to explain why your point is the one that explains your vision. Starting from the introduction to the conclusion, everything needs to be in a coherent manner so that the audience would not get distracted with other less important details. So, if you want good grades, stay on track. Or you can also hire a write my paper service to do it for you.

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