100 college application essay topics for your ease

College application essay is more like an admission essay or it follows the context of a scholarship essay where a student writes to get his position reserved. It is one of the most difficult yet complex types of essay writing because it is not always about if you know the topic or not, many times it is about how well you write your essay. The measure of wellness is the only thing that adds to ease or to the complexity of writing an essay.

One of the important points that can help you with coming up with better essay writing as compared to other essay-writing tasks is that most of the time, in fact, nowadays, all the students have to submit a college essay online. This is difficult because firstly it is not easy to manage a large number of students to let them give their exams and the situation of a pandemic has made students and teachers restricted to the online medium. Many students think that it is one of the worst things that can happen to students because not all students are good at typing, sometimes their typing speed doesn't match the deadline.

I think an online medium is one of the best solutions because you can get the required help from anywhere. One of the ideas that can help you with writing a college application essay consulting, college application essay service. It works like a miracle because you neither have to worry about the deadline nor you need to struggle with the quality of the paper but you can get the best paper while staying at home. I can assure the best result because the services worked like a wonder for me in the time when I was asking everyone who was near me to help me write my essay because the deadline was approaching and I was not prepared. Using the service, I was able to get my essay done before time and I asked for some revision as well, which was done for free.

If you think that you can’t choose any such option, then you can consult different online guides that are available to help with writing essays. You can find a different tutorial formatted essay, essay samples, and even instructors who are available to help you with content or context. Talking about the issues, it is important to think about the choice of topic. In 2020, most of the institutions ask students to choose a topic themselves and it is indeed an issue. In order to help you with the choice of topic, I am sharing some unique college application essay topics that can help an essay writer to get good marks.

  1. Physical education should be made part of the school curriculum
  2. Death penalties need conditions
  3. Animal experimentation should be banned
  4. It is the responsibility of the government to support people who suffer from physical disability
  5. Is leadership something that can be learned?
  6. What makes an art piece a masterpiece?
  7. Is it possible to become a politician by learning the arts?
  8. Social media should be regulated and scrutinized
  9. Technology is the code of conduct
  10. Technology can help students achieve the height of success
  11. There should be a limit to the use of technology
  12. How technology can make people feel more isolated?
  13. Coronavirus is more like a curse?
  14. What can humanities subjects teach human beings?
  15. Should social sciences be more encouraged as compared to scientific studies
  16. Tobacco and social obligation?
  17. Sports should have a girl's quota?
  18. Policies for rape victims need to be regulated and circulated
  19. Rape victims should be given permission to abort the child
  20. Should fathers be given paternity leave? What is its significance?
  21. Energy drinks are one of the serious health affecting drinks
  22. Gambling is the root cause of social evils
  23. Hunting of animals should be banned?
  24. Schools should have serious penalties for using cellphones
  25. Animals should not be used in circus
  26. The importance of professional exams for the teachers?
  27. What is the significance of sex education?
  28. How will the world be a circle in the coming days?
  29. Social media and modern-day relationships?
  30. The connection between broken relationships and suicide cases?
  31. How has the definition of love changed over the past few years?
  32. LinkedIn is a social media platform?
  33. What do you think about the adequacy of psychological counseling?
  34. The inspiring candle of your life?
  35. Do you think strangers are trustworthy?
  36. What is the importance of having a friend?
  37. Friend of all is a friend of none?
  38. What is your favorite image?
  39. How has college admission become easier?
  40. How college admission has become more difficult?
  41. How will you classify the present day education system?
  42. How can you describe your personality?
  43. What is the expected picture of life in 2070?
  44. What is the worst experience of your life?
  45. How can you define your choice?
  46. Explain your favorite trip ever?
  47. Who is your favorite author and why?
  48. How has book reading changed your life?
  49. What do you think, soft books are better or hard copies?
  50. What is your first thought of the days?
  51. Why is admission to this college important to you?
  52. How will you spend a day without the internet?
  53. Which is your most favorite place to go?
  54. How are your hobbies influenced by technology?
  55. What is the most wonderful achievement of academic life?
  56. Which school lesson has changed your life?
  57. Procrastination and idea or a curse?
  58. Do you think life is a collection of bleak realities?
  59. Is rejection easy to face?
  60. What are the things you hate most in your life?
  61. Do you think prayer is important?
  62. What are the things you have prayed for the most?
  63. Do you think art for art's sake is important?
  64. Are you in favor of art for life's sake?
  65. How will you define life?
  66. What is the decision you regret the most?
  67. Have you ever rebelled against your parents?
  68. Are cartons mood-boosting?
  69. Do you think there is any impact on violent games?
  70. How have gadgets affected your life?
  71. Is it better to attend pre-school?
  72. Are you in favor of on-campus education?
  73. Do you think online education should be supported?
  74. Is education a commercial business rather than obligation
  75. What is the most common cause of divorce?
  76. How has depression become a personality trait?
  77. Do you think geographical borders can change the mindset?
  78. To be or not to be?
  79. What is your dream job?
  80. How do you overcome fear?
  81. What is your major weakness?
  82. Do you prefer courage or cowardice?
  83. Is materialism a code of conduct?
  84. Difference between 19th-century man and 20th-century man
  85. Human beings and the human code of conduct?
  86. Life is a tale told by an idiot
  87. What matters more is hard work or money?
  88. What is your rule book code?
  89. Do you think scholarships should be offered?
  90. Have you ever questioned why you?
  91. Failure and fate?
  92. Fate or free-will?
  93. Your approach to a happy life?
  94. How your experiences are made worse by technology?
  95. Do you want to go to 2070 or to 1997?
  96. Importance of being loyal?
  97. What matters most, being fair or being confident?
  98. How is life a bed of roses?
  99. Is education important?
  100. Do you prefer a family business?

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