100+ easy literary analysis topics for beginners

Reading books sounds fun but analyzing them is a bit tricky. You need to first get an insight into the main idea of the plot and then examine the factors such as the author’s motivation, the main conflict of the story, how certain characters acted in a certain way along with literary devices such as imagery, themes, symbolism, and settings.

That was too much information to process. I know writing a literary analysis college essay is a challenging task but once you select an effective topic you’ll be able to nail the art of writing an essay and can grab readers’ attention.

If you are enrolled in a literature class? If yes, then be prepared to be assigned with a multitude of tasks that require you to analyze a piece of writings belonging to various authors. However, when professors ask you to write an essay and that so on the topic of your choice many students start to panic since literature is a broad field.

However, don’t get panic because students tend to make certain mistakes that can cost them their grades. So be calm while you are writing your essay.

If you are assigned a task to write a literary analysis essay and that so on the topic of your choice, then don’t panic since I am here to help you out. Below are more than a hundred literary analysis essay topics from which an essay writer can pick the one that interests him the most.

  1. Sherman Alexie’s Reservation Blues
  2. Madness in Hamlet
  3. What drove Ophelia into madness
  4. The portrayal of women in the play Hamlet
  5. Oppression of women in the play Hamlet
  6. Morality and Justice in Reservation Blues
  7. Analyze the role of tradition in “Everyday Use”.
  8. Alice in wonderland: literary analysis
  9. Role of settings in “Alice in Wonderland”.
  10. Feminism and Jane Austin’s works
  11. Feminism and the work of John Donne
  12. The Works of John Donne
  13. Religion in the works of John Donne
  14. Greed in War is Kind
  15. Power in the War is kind
  16. Lord of the Flies: Irrationality and Rationality
  17. Lord of flies: thematic analysis
  18. Lord of Flies and the leadership styles
  19. The portrayal of humanity on the Lord of flies
  20. William Goldman’s The Princess Bride analysis
  21. Symbolism in The princess bride
  22. The theme of racism in The Color Purple
  23. Symbolism in The color purple
  24. Settings in The lottery
  25. Signify the value of traditions in “The Lottery”.
  26. Sherman Alexie’s Reservation Blues
  27. The theme of morality in Reservation Blues
  28. The theme of Justice in Reservation Blues
  29. Analysis of Alice Seybold’s The Lovely Bones
  30. The role of setting in “Hills Like White Elephants”
  31. Symbolism in “Hills Like White Elephants”
  32. Themes in “Hills Like White Elephants”
  33. Lord of flies by Golding
  34. Of mice and men by John Steinbeck
  35. Romance in “Of mice and men”
  36. Settings in “34. Of mice and men”
  37. The conflict of class in Barn Burning
  38. Critical analysis of “Beowulf” by Craig
  39. Was Beowulf a tragic hero?
  40. What are the traits of a tragic hero according to Shakespeare?
  41. Was Lord Macbeth a tragic hero?
  42. Was Hamlet a tragic hero?
  43. Tragedy in the play Macbeth
  44. Examine the role of Lady Macbeth in the demise of Lord Macbeth
  45. Examine the demise of Lord Macbeth
  46. Examine the demise of Beowulf
  47. Examine the demise of Hamlet
  48. Examine the demise of King Lear
  49. Analysis of the play Antigone
  50. Analysis of “The Adventures of Huckleberry”
  51. Themes in The Adventures of Huckleberry”
  52. Symbolism in The Adventures of Huckleberry”
  53. Themes in the story of Emma
  54. The corpse bride: an analysis
  55. Symbolism in “The corpse bride”
  56. Critical analysis of “The color purple”
  57. Story of Emma
  58. Pride and Prejudice by Bennet
  59. The class difference between Pride and Prejudice
  60. Romance in Pride and Prejudice
  61. Feminism in Pride and Prejudice
  62. Themes in Lunar follies
  63. The Kite Runner by Hosseini
  64. Role of fate in The Kite Runner
  65. Social class in The Kite Runner
  66. Analysis of Dante’s Inferno
  67. Evil in Inferno
  68. God in Inferno
  69. Irony in Inferno
  70. Themes in The Kite Runner
  71. Canterbury Tales v. Decameron
  72. The irony in Salinger’s stories
  73. Expressions of mood in “Sons and Lovers”
  74. Analysis of “Waiting for Godot”
  75. Symbolism in Waiting for Godot
  76. Literary devices in Waiting for Godot
  77. Themes in Waiting for Godot
  78. Author’s views in “Heartbreak House”
  79. A Doll’s House as seen by the modern literature
  80. The portrayal of women in Jane Eyre
  81. The theme of love in Jane Eyre
  82. The theme of fate in Catch-22
  83. Death in Milton’s works: imagery and symbols
  84. Murder and suicide in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  85. Murder and suicide Romeo and Juliet
  86. Dehumanizing nature: Crusoe
  87. Dehumanizing nature in Lord of the Flies
  88. Views on religious conventions in Milton’s Paradise Lost
  89. The role of religion in Charles Dickens’s works
  90. Role of poverty in Charles Dickens's works
  91. Siblings bond in the play Twelfth night
  92. Analysis of the book Reclaim your heart
  93. Themes in Reclaim your heart
  94. Symbolism in Reclaim your heart
  95. The forty rules of love: literary analysis
  96. Themes in “The forty rules of love”
  97. Symbolism in “The forty rules of love”
  98. Analysis of “A streetcar named desire”
  99. The role of judgment in Jane Austen’s novels
  100. Themes in “A streetcar named desire”
  101. Symbolism in “A streetcar named desire”

Already picked a topic? If yes then perfect. You can now start gathering data and then kick start the writing process. However, if the deadline is approaching and you are facing troubles in writing a literary analysis essay then I recommend you hire a professional essay writer from an authentic essay writing service and let the writer craft an effective essay for you.

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