2 Short Examples of College Application Essays for Beginners – Sample

College application essays can turn out to be both, either too simple or easy or too difficult. In order to help an essay writer with a general understanding of writing a college application essay, I am sharing two college application essay examples.

1- Marijuana should not be legalized


Marijuana is defined as a drug that is extracted from cannabis It is one of the addictive products that are available for people to consume in different forms, either chewable or in the form of powder. Non- Legalization of marijuana infers that there should be obligations on the use of marijuana, either age-restricted people should have access or people with special conditions and defined positions should be allowed to use marijuana. Marijuana should not be legalized because of criminal affiliations, addictive powers, deviating results, and the measure of the impact it can have on health.


A number of countries in the world have legalized marijuana, while others have come up with strict penalties for the people who are using marijuana. In the United States of America, Marijuana is legalized in some of the states. While in other states, the use of marijuana is restricted to the idea of medical concerns and special conditions. It is asserted that it is one of the best reformative approaches to say no to the legalization of marijuana, because of several reasons.

Firstly, the legalization of marijuana can lead to significant issues in a social construct. It is obvious that the society in which the majority of the people will be addicts will have a low moral background with a diminished approach towards moral upheaval. Then, marijuana should not be legalized because it will lead to a narrow approach to life security. Once teenagers will become addicts, it will be hard for them to maintain addiction and they will go for unethical activities to fulfill their desires.

Marijuana should not be legalized because it can lead to major health diseases such as cancer, coughing, and tuberous sclerosis. It is not sure that the substances that will be used for making marijuana will be healthy so it can become one of the major causes of health disorders. If marijuana will be legalized then, people will use marijuana as one of the most pleasure-seeking things and this approach can affect the formal approach that maintains the limits of a fun time.

Collectively there are significant welfare approaches that will be open wide for the black marketers if marijuana will be legalized because they will try to earn more profit.


In a nutshell, it is highlighted that marijuana should not be legalized because it can lead to serious health issues. In addition, there are chances of immoral activities as people will be more of an addict rather than individuals only.

2- Glass Ceiling Effect and how it impacts women


The glass ceiling refers to the invisible barrier that is more of a psychological and physical impression imposed on women. It prevents the women and the other minorities to rise to their peak and make up the mark. The essence of using the term communicates that for every woman, there is a glass ceiling, that is transparent and a woman can see her goals clearly from the glass. The concept of a glass ceiling is no doubt a new one, but the prevalence can be dated back to the evolution of human beings. It is more like a resistance to the approach of women to make up a mark in their life. Glass ceiling is impacting women in both positive and negative ways.


Considering the status of women in the world, it is found that women have always been treated other than men and it is the major reason that a lot of talented women are buried without any recognition. The concept of the glass ceiling is more like a realization that helps women understand that there is a boundary but they can go beyond that boundary. It is observed that a lot of women in the world fail to conquer their field of expertise because of the impression of the glass ceiling. It is because women have this set mentality that because of the glass ceiling they will not be given the chance to move ahead in their life and they don’t try.

On the other hand, there is a type of population, for whom the realization of a glass ceiling is a motivation. There are a lot of women who are taught about the glass ceiling as an obstacle and they are encouraged to move beyond that glass ceiling because it is required of their role. For such women, the glass ceiling tends to motivate them in achieving their goals because they can see their destinations waving to them through the glass


Evaluating the two paradigms or the school of thought that are associated with the glass ceiling, it is highlighted that the concept of the glass ceiling is impacting both ways. There is a dire need to think about the ways that can help women observe the positive side of the glass ceiling and realize their obligation. Thus, the glass ceiling is an impression that needs to be clarified and identified because negative connotations are doing more harm than good.

Thus, these two essays are a very good example of how a college essay should look like. It is suggested to add citations and quotations wherever required because it will reduce the chances of plagiarism and it is also an academic guideline to work on.

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