Gotten yet another task of writing essays? Is it boring for you to sleep? Let’s find ways to make this one a little different.

It’s the monotony of writing an essay that makes this task extra boring, the trick is to break the monotony and bring something interesting and creative to the table.

Take your time in doing just the right amount of research and choose a topic that means something to you, and makes your mind awake. A topic that fascinates you and one that you want to know more and more about. Trust me, with the right amount of research, you will be able to find a topic that just fits this description.

Once it does, remember to have a firm hold over it and hold both reins tightly.

What is a rhetorical analysis essay?

A piece of writing that analyzes the persuasive techniques of a thing, an idea, or an opinion as to which techniques have been used, and whether or not they were successful.

In order to deliver your message effectively and make the readers understand your standpoint, different techniques are used. Sometimes a writer tries to make people connect to the emotion, or a quality or logical reasoning. The task of analyzing those techniques that which ones, how, and where they have been used, and whether they were effective or not is what we do in a rhetorical analysis essay.

The pre-phase of online essay writing is harder than the essay writing process itself. You need to thoroughly read and comprehend the draft that you are going to analyze to understand the writer’s personality, opinion, and words and where he or she was coming from. You need to imagine yourself in the shoes of the writer in order to be able to explain their point of view to yourself and then further analyze it.

A rhetorical analysis essay takes more effort than any other essay because it requires your senses to be fully awakened and activated twice. Once while reading and analyzing the draft and once while penning down your words, your comprehension of it, the essay.

Rhetorical stages

Whatever topic you chose for your rhetorical analysis essay, there are a few things you should keep in mind and observe very closely and carefully while reading the piece of writing that you want to analyze.

  • Appeals

    Ethos, pathos, and logos are a part of every piece of writing. They are the ways in which one may try to connect to their audience or readers. Observing, understanding, and comprehending those can really help to understand the persuasive techniques in a draft.

  • Ethos

    Ethos appeals to ethics. The writer tries to form the credibility of a character being talked about, presents a quality about them, and conveys to the audience that they should form trust based on that quality or ethical or moral value.

  • Pathos

    Pathos appeals to emotions. The writer might have developed a story or a scenario around some sentiments and attracted the audience based on that sentiment

  • Logos

    Logos appeals to logic. The readers are persuaded by presenting a fair and clear calculated logic.

  • Writing style

    While analyzing a document, the writing style is a very important element to not miss. Writing style says a lot about the piece of writing, the writer’s mindset, and helps you in imagining yourself in their shoes. The expression is also a part of writing style, if you look deep into the writing expression, it would probably give away a lot more than a mere reading would.

The writing style includes dialect, imagery, language, and tone.

Learning to observe, carefully pick out, and comprehend these things from a draft would enhance the quality of analysis by many folds.

The deeper you look, the better you understand. If you are still confused, you can always ask others to write my paper for me.

What should I write my rhetorical analysis essay on?

Choosing a topic for a rhetorical essay can be a tricky job. It is always better to choose something you are personally interested in and do a fair amount of research to do justice to the piece of writing you are analyzing.

A rhetorical analysis essay can be based on a famous controversial opinion, a current event, arts, and music.

To gain a clearer perspective and get an idea of the topics you could choose for your essay, observe the topics below and let them sink in your brain to let your brain come up with something new and unique. It would be a good idea to give a five-minute thought to each of these rhetorical analysis essay topics.

  • How has a “hero” evolved over the years
  • A billboard that fascinates you every time
  • A tv add that you saw and thought was unique and thought-provoking
  • A popular song that makes you go in a deep train of thoughts
  • A documentary you watched that kept your brain awake for several nights
  • A book you last read and thought had made a difference in your life
  • How has literature evolved the image of a woman over the years
  • How has the literary treatment of morality differed over the decades
  • A magazine article
  • A news article
  • Treatment of gender roles through history
  • Understanding symbolism in different mediums
  • The literary representation of body image
  • Strongest cases of feminism in Victorian literature
  • Separating signs for fiction in modern literature
  • How awareness about mental health has changed perspectives over the years
  • Importance of theme of love in literature
  • An emerging new writer
  • How art has changed over the years
  • A bold or controversial painting

Need more diverse topics?

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