2020 Prompts for Personal Statement - Tips and Tricks

For some reason, it is challenging to write about yourself. It might be possible that whatever an essay writer is thinking would be tougher to write it in words.

Well, the recruitment process for work, internships, and degree programs mostly requires that each candidate send a personal statement about their abilities and professional experiences. A personal statement is generally written in response to a particular question.

The original comments are also specific and concentrate on which organization you are applying to. Just as you observe in writing certain scholarly articles that all forms of personal statements follow a particular template.

What makes your statement an attractive one?

  • Describe the reason for applying in that particular organization and how it appropriately fits in with your future goals.
  • Give examples of any related piece of writing, such as blogs, academic articles, journals, and so forth.
  • Let them know about your understanding of the particular subject and also show your interest in a particular domain in that subject.
  • Describe yourself, your achievements, your designations that you enjoyed to date, your hobbies, and interests.
  • Keep your statement simple and clear.

Tips and tricks to write a personal statement

  1. 1. Dos
    • Try to start writing the statement like you want to write a college essay or application letter for a profession/scholarship.
    • Try to split the sentence into five or six parts with proper headings where applicable.
    • Be consistent and clear - the more clear your points will be that more powerful will be your statement.
    • Use positive terms, such as accomplished, created, discovered, identified, passion, commitment, strength, fondness, and so on.
    • Avoid exaggerated words or artificial vocabulary rather than try to use easy, quick, and simple sentences in plain English.
    • If possible, add a personal touch but also be extra careful of a flirty and easygoing tone.
    • Using information to back up the points and claims (wherever available).
    • Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation matter a lot. Write and revise as many times as possible and request somebody to check and seek feedback.
  2. 2. Don’ts
    • Stick to one point. In short, just be consistent.
    • Remember to include the history of your life
    • Try to start your statement with: “I have always desired to become a …”
    • Using exaggerated words (gimmicks) or quotes unless they are very important to mention and you treat them in a manner that demonstrates your real attributes.
    • If you are being tempted to purchase a particular statement or modify the quote, just keep in mind that plagiarism detection software is already really sensitive so you genuinely can't get a chance if you're caught up.

Prompts for personal statements

The very first thing students are struggling with is depending on an important topic for their statement. While some colleges offer personal statement prompts to provide a sense of purpose and direction to the students. Whereas some give students the freedom to choose their statements on their interests and choices.

Moreover, you can also refer to an essay writing service for some unique prompts.

With no prompt given, you can also refer to these prompts and freely opt for the one for your eventual personal statements;

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