2020 Topic Ideas for Your PhD Thesis

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2020 Topic Ideas for PhD Thesis

  • The role of educational games to improve the mechanism of learning abilities.
  • Existing connection between classroom learning and outdoor extra-curricular activities.
  • The possible application of inclusive education and its influence on society.
  • Online education versus traditional education: which is better and why?
  • The influence of teachers’ behavior in the process of accelerating students’ creativity level.
  • The impact of drinking habits on the learning process of college students.
  • Impact of integrating advanced technology in the field of education.
  • Students’ difficulties with learning technologies.
  • How the health of teenagers directly influences their academic performance?
  • The role of social media on the emotional maturity of students.
  • The implication of artificial intelligence (AI) in the learning process in the classroom.
  • Is a lack of religious knowledge a source of a growing trend of atheism in youngsters?
  • The possible effects of electronic games on the students’ learning process.
  • Need for adjusting business strategies in the process of globalization in the scenario of 2020.
  • The need for change is the supply chain approach globally due to the pandemic of recent times.
  • Possible economic measures to recover from the financial consequences of COVID-19.
  • The application of appropriate human resource management mechanisms in the case of non-profit organizations.
  • Importance of leadership and organizational change to formulate updated business strategies.
  • Impact of the pandemic of Coronavirus on the approach of foreign direct investment.
  • The existing connection between social phenomenon and organizational performance.
  • Importance of workplace ethics in multinational businesses.
  • The phenomenon of the glass ceiling still exists in today’s organizational setting.
  • What are possible differences between the work approaches of Generation X and the Millennial Generation?
  • Influence of digital advertising on consumer behavior.
  • Is digital marketing going to replace the traditional form of advertising soon?
  • Is margin financing a good idea? Why?
  • Analyze the macroeconomic elements influencing exchange rates.
  • The existing connection between organizational performance and innovative leadership.
  • What are the economic consequences of the growing number of aging population?
  • Does the problem of racial inequality in the case of higher education persist? Possible strategies to overcome this problem.
  • The realistic approach as a solution in the response of “Black Lives Matter”.
  • The social significance of new approaches to communication.
  • The influence of subcultures on society.
  • The social context of an increasing number of school shooting cases.
  • The possible role of social work to deal with the issue of domestic violence.
  • The implication of activist strategies to help homeless individuals.
  • Role of governmental institutions in the process of social work.
  • The existing connection between youth activism and social work.
  • Need for legislative change in the scenario of parental relocation with a child.
  • Social impact of legalization of same-sex marriage.
  • How the legal limit can determine in case of existing differences between child abuse and punishment?
  • The position of race discrimination in the case of the modern law system.
  • The legal position of collecting and sharing information on the internet.
  • The application of piracy law to protect original work.
  • The growing risk of informational wars and their impact on countries.
  • Ethical positioning of the practice of cloning.
  • Need to change standards of ethics in the current digital age.
  • Impact of social networks on the growing trend of slang language.
  • Use of painkillers by the patient with cardiac diseases.
  • Potential benefits of light therapy to treat the psychological issue of depression.

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