3 persuasive essay examples to help you handle controversial topics

Your teachers are the most useful asset throughout your academic career. They teach an essay writer such things that are the most meaningful lessons in your life different activities, such as by conducting intellectual activities, going on field trips, through their goodwill, or assigning you with writing tasks that can upgrade your mental and analytical abilities.

Similarly, among many, the persuasive essay is the one that is conducted for the sake of compelling someone over your point. Such an essay is used when you want to convince others at some point by providing you with different evidence and facts that will make this happen.

Since many people are good at understanding any point with the help of examples and other illustrations. In this tutorial, you will be provided with persuasive essay examples particularly for controversial topics, so that you may know how to deal with controversial topics when you are about to write a persuasive college essay. Well, controversial subjects fit well in speeches and essays. Since they usually provoke intense emotions from both sides.

Example 1: Online education system

“Everything appears to be online these days. Even our education system is all about exchanging our notes and lectures over online applications. Some people disagree about the drawbacks of this trend but today, I want to address the perks of having an online education. This is a significant topic as the future of education is evolving ever more towards shifting the physical education system into electronic academic institutions.

The opportunity to opt for the course of your schooling is an essential benefit of online education. This might be a fantasy happening for more imaginative individuals or those who choose to focus on one specific thing. Similarly, you can even choose your favorite course in the traditional schooling system as well but for that, you will need to travel a lot. Contrary, it is much easier when you are applying over an online system. So, the access and variety of courses are widely available in the online education system.

The same as with the last case, for several students' convenience, comes into focus. Numerous students prefer online schooling to stop spending a lot of money on traveling and numerous other things to visit physical education facilities. Students can listen to lessons and complete tasks assigned to them online without the need to face traffic, or skip considerable time with the family. In other terms, you overcome all of the problems that traditional students deal with on a daily level just by becoming an online student.

Lastly, on average, the expense of having an online degree is less than obtaining a traditional one. For example, there are no travel expenses, and essential course material, including textbooks, are generally accessible digitally without any expense. There are many free courses that you find on Youtube. You can even take guidance from different sources as per the requirement of your work. Therefore, it is not hard to see why online education is on the rise in today’s world.”

Example 2: Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?

“Children have been playing video games since they started to sense different things. Aggression in children brought them into a whole new place since they have been into video games. Boys on their birthday want new play stations rather than those plastic guns, indeed they want video games that involve fighting or killing more characters. Also, the rougher the game will be the more fun they will enjoy. From the other side, evidence suggests that video gaming may have positive influences on brain growth as it can enhance the functions of eye-hand performance, multitasking abilities, increases concentration, and improves decision-making processes.

According to different studies, people who are into video gaming are getting more irritating. Further, gamers are more into verbal aggression or brutal behaviors. The players become used to the violent actions that they find natural when playing a video game and that's why when they do that in real life they are insensitive at that moment. Thus, it is evident that video games are causing trouble to the mental and physical well being of the children or the ones who are into this.

Whilst also violent games are often correlated with violence in the real world. Although studies have not proven that they are the true sources of aggression. People who are more susceptible to physical aggression may like playing such video games and this has contributed because of the attraction to these games but not the cause of the major issue. On the other end, professional players are extremely good at multiple tasks as they can pay closer attention to multiple aspects at the very same time without getting frustrated. Gaming situations help in establishing these mental energies.

However, there is no credible confirmation that video gaming promotes abuse. It would have been dishonest for parents to express that violent games have little influence on the behavior of people. Because such violent games help us enjoy watching violence on the monitor, allowing graphic brutality a permanent aspect of modern life. Hence, a blessed childhood can not be combined with games that promote violence. Teachers and parents do not need to be pessimistic regarding all video games, however, there is absolute evidence that such practices can strengthen the cognitive ability of children and strengthen their concentration.”

Example 3: Stop Bullying!

“Bullying may be described as the physical and psychological humiliation which another person imparts to a victim because of supremacy in size, age, or place. Cyberbullying is now a controversial fighting power in the modern era of technology advancements because it is primarily private and mostly used as a means of embarrassment to the target. The act of bullying can also be a violation of human rights.

Bullying stems from an individual's fundamental desire to appear better in a social environment as opposed to others. As a result, when this ego is at work, the subject of the harassment will experience both physical and mental violence and torture. Bullying could also refer to violence by physical and verbal means. Bullying may be fueled by socio-economic inequalities, such as financial gaps and academic status significant differences. This could also be attributed to social inequality as well as sexual identity. It is, therefore, unjust and inhumane for such a person to force their psychological issues on helpless victims who have to cope with their very own sufferings as well.

The consequences of abuse will also lead to the person experiencing a psychiatric breakdown. In this situation, the victim may well be persuaded to take extreme measures to get out of the frustration and discomfort that might cause them to bring someone in the path of damage. Studies show that between 40 - 80 percent of America's school-going children experience bullying at a certain stage in their academic years. Given light of that, several communities in the U.S. seek action to combat the practice of harassment in the education system. Therefore, bullying is the on-going practice that is harming people’s mind and physical wellbeing, and that needs to be discouraged by all means.”

These examples will help you write a perfect persuasive essay. However, if you still need any help, contact an essay writing service to get well-written essays at affordable rates.

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