40 Helpful Phrases and Words for Crafting an Amazing Essay

Composing an essay using great ideas but lacking the suitable phrases and words which would help you craft an amazing essay? Some words and phrases can improve the structure of the essay in almost no time. They also enable the reader to learn the facts and arguments much quicker. The impression of the readers improves instantly and so do your grades.

Ordering elements

It is important that you add the words or phrases which signify the order. It adds structure to the essay allowing the reader to understand the connection between points easily.

  1. Firstly, Secondly, Finally,
  2. If on the one hand it can be said that
  3. On the one hand,
  4. The first/second argument shows that
  5. There are at least (a number) points to emphasize
  6. As a final point…

Adding elements

When you have too many points to include, you might not be able to emphasize the ones which are more important. While you are struggling to highlight the important points, your essay might even lose

  1. Furthermore, one should not forget that…
  2. In addition to…
  3. Moreover…
  4. It is important to state that…

Personal opinion

When offering a personal opinion, be sure to add it when you are sure about its relevance to the topic as well as the requirement.

  1. I personally believe that
  2. Our point of view is that
  3. I am convinced that
  4. It is my contention that
  5. My own opinion is that

Others’ opinions

It is not only important to highlight your own opinion but also the opinion of credible and relevant researchers in your essay. This builds the credibility of your essay in the easiest way.

  1. point out that
  2. (a person) believes that
  3. say that/ suggest that
  4. are convinced that
  5. According to some critics
  6. emphasize that
  7. argue for this
  8. go as far as to say that

Introducing examples

Using the examples in your essay can be quite helpful, especially when they are from substantial research. Take help from the cheapest essay writing service if you are not sure about which example to use. If you are to include examples, you can use these given words to show the audience how your examples relate to your claim. Use phrases like:

  1. For example, / instance…
  2. To illustrate this point
  3. Consider the example of…

Saying what you think is true

When including your opinion, you must make sure that it is prominent so that the reader knows that it is your opinion right away. When stating your opinion, make sure to use supporting evidence and one words or phrases from this list:

  1. This leads us to believe that
  2. In view of these facts, it is quite probable that
  3. It is quite clear from these observations that
  4. One cannot deny that…
  5. Certainly/Doubtless
  6. It is very possible/probable that

Moderating, agreeing, disagreeing

The writing style of a writer is defined by the way they present their arguments. One essential part of presenting your own view is how you moderate two sides, agree or disagree with them. Here is a list of words and phrases you should use at such times. Even though you might think that these words or phrases are simple, you should know that these create a significant impact on the readers. They know that you are fully aware of essay writing online.

  1. By and large
  2. Perhaps one should also point out the fact that
  3. It would be unfair not to mention the fact that
  4. One cannot possibly accept/ignore the fact that


The conclusion is the last part of the essay but very important when it comes to leaving a long-lasting impression on the readers. When concluding the essay, you properly restate your thesis statement in an affirmative tone. The right selection of words will offer that tone. You can use the following phrases for your conclusion:

  1. From these facts, one may conclude that…
  2. That is why, in our opinion, …
  3. Which seems to confirm the idea that…
  4. Thus / Therefore,

Few things to remember!

Select the phrases that will be best to use. More than one cat fit.

Also, remember to use these words only when needed and when they suit the context. Do not use them as fillers to just increase the word count.

Remember that when using these phrases or words you are to use the correct and suitable punctuation marks. These punctuation marks are important to help readers understand easily. In case, you forget to include the correct punctuation marks, it will add up to your mistakes, rather than leaving a good impression. So, after you have composed the essay, be sure to proofread it and look for any grammatical, punctuation, or syntax mistakes. You can ask any of your friends to read and highlight the mistakes. You can also use the software for checking these mistakes.

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Now that you have this list of helpful phrases and words for your essay. Bookmark it or copy it somewhere you can access it right away. When you feel like you need a better word replacement then just go through this list and find the most suited word or phrase. With time, all these words will become part of writings automatically without the need of going through this list. But well, for that you will need to practice quite a lot!

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