40 trending topics to base your college annotated bibliography assignment on

Writing an annotated bibliography assignment is more challenging and difficult for some students. This happens with some students or essay writers due to several reasons. For example, some students are not good at research, while some find an annotated bibliography difficult because they think they do not have a perfect topic to base their assignment on.

In case you are not sure what your paper should include or want to gain other insights about writing an annotated bibliography, you can check out an annotated bibliography example. For example, you can overview an example on the same topic to get insights about what type of sources to collect and what will be key parts of your paper.

However, the worry of having a perfect and trending topic in hand would no longer exist because the following are the 40 trending annotated bibliography topics that an expert essay writer recommends to help you write assignments that would be willing to be read by readers.

Trending Annotated Bibliography Topics

  1. How political instability affects the economy
  2. What is the relation between politics and economic development?
  3. What is the role of tourism in economic development?
  4. What are the key disadvantages of “the shared economy”
  5. The link between religion and politics
  6. Key political decisions and public wellbeing
  7. The dark side of child labor
  8. Why the issue of economic inequality is critical
  9. The economic balance between developed and developing nations
  10. The significance of ethics in business
  11. The importance of ethics in politics
  12. Social media and educational performance of students
  13. Politics in early school education
  14. Racial discrimination in US society
  15. Traditional education versus online education during COVID-19
  16. Differences between Medicare and Medicaid
  17. Access of US citizens to healthcare services across the country
  18. Weak access of lower economic class to public facilities
  19. The illegal status of the aboriginal community
  20. Technology and healthcare practices in the 21st century
  21. How technology furthered the US healthcare system within the last decade
  22. Big data analytics in the healthcare sector
  23. Workplace stress in nursing
  24. The role of marketing in business success
  25. Significance and role of social media presence in advertising and promotion
  26. Organizational management and leadership
  27. Role of leadership in a company’s growth and success
  28. Euthanasia and legal policies in the US
  29. Ethics of business competition in the 21st century
  30. Death penalty and laws for women offenders
  31. Parenting and prevalence of juvenile delinquency
  32. Possible improvements in the Criminal Justice System (CJS)
  33. Information Age and rights of animals
  34. Adolescent marriages
  35. Morality and ethics in US high schools
  36. Homelessness in the United States
  37. Role of economic stability in consumer buying decisions
  38. Media and globalization: what is the link?
  39. Effects of social media on cultural values
  40. Workers’ rights and adaptation of robotics

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