44 Striking Debate Topics for Students

Choosing a topic for debate will determine if you will do good or not by presenting your ideas. It is true that composing and presenting your debate is not an easy task. It requires research and analytical skills to form claims and then defend them. When choosing a topic remember that it is not a simple argument with your colleagues. Choose a topic that interests an essay writer and compels him to do more research. Make sure the topic is interesting enough that the audience wants to listen to it. Do not pick a dry topic or topic of the past which has no impact on today's world. In fact, if you want a good topic look at the issues around you and you will find many debatable topics. In case you are in a hurry and don't have enough time to research which topic is striking enough for the audience, then here is some help for you. Look at the topics given below and see if any one of these interests you or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  1. Should students of Middle School be tested for drugs?
  2. Do people become more violent because of playing violent video games?
  3. Should the internet be banned in schools?
  4. Is individual privacy more important than National Security?
  5. Should the assigning of homework be stopped?
  6. Should kids be allowed to watch fiction movies?
  7. Should smartphones be allowed in school?
  8. Should the use of Photoshop to create unrealistic images be banned?
  9. Should hard work be preferred over talent?
  10. Can homeschooling replace a system of traditional education?
  11. Should corporal punishment be banned at school?
  12. Should immigrant students be treated in the public education sector?
  13. Should sugary items be banned by the government?
  14. Should people be allowed to hide their identities when online?
  15. Should free education to be provided at the college level?
  16. The size of Class Matter in Middle School?
  17. Should children be allowed to choose school themselves?
  18. Will Banning the Hatred speech make the world a better place?
  19. Can the impact of global warming be reversed?
  20. Does learning more than two languages help students?
  21. Should reality TV programs be banned?
  22. Should standardized the test system be improved?
  23. Should voting be made mandatory for all adults?
  24. Should there be more Laws for farm animals?
  25. Should paper books be replaced by their digital versions?
  26. Should all Americans be required to perform at least one year of national service?

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If you are confused between more than one topic, then do research on both and see which will be better to use as a debate topic. You can also form a table where you include details, pros, and cons of the topics. In this way, you can choose a better topic instantly.

Choosing a topic is critical and you must pay close attention to it. If you think that a topic is good then research a little bit to find out its scope. Not if you have selected any one of these debate topics, then here are some more options for you to choose from. You can also modify any of these topics to your liking and the requirements of your course. No matter what topic you choose, remember to start deciding with brief research. If you don't get bored by reading all those details then you should continue with that topic.

  1. Does advertising create a need for artificial elements?
  2. Should advertisements in schools and colleges be banned?
  3. Should the practice of uniforms in schools be stopped?
  4. Should People who use plastic be banned?
  5. Does the internet do more damage than good?
  6. Can Campaign Finance reform capital punishment?
  7. Should smoking be illegal?
  8. Should the colleges pay their athletes?
  9. Should the ‘clear skies’ initiative be passed by Congress?
  10. Should volunteering be made mandatory for school students?
  11. Are current laws sufficient to eradicate corruption?
  12. Should cosmetic surgery be banned?
  13. Are Elections the best way to judge democracy?
  14. Is Giving Money to Panhandlers Justified?
  15. Are civil liberties more important than Homeland Security?
  16. Do credit cards really have more benefits than disadvantages?
  17. Should human cloning be allowed?
  18. Do diet pills do any good?

Many students make a common mistake that they choose a topic that is over debated or a certain public opinion has been formed for it already. Because of this, the audience does not pay much attention to the debate because they are already aware of the issue and its both sides. It might be easier for the student to get data because plenty of data is available. However, the interest of the audience is lost. But what to do if you are assigned this type of topic by your instructor? In that case, you have to look for the new aspects of the topic which are not touched yet by other debaters.

By now you should understand that choosing a topic for your debate is critically important because if you don't have enough knowledge or interest in the topic yourself you would not be able to defend it properly. Not only you have to validate your own claims but also reject the claims of your opponent with the help of strong evidence. For this, you must understand the importance of choosing a good topic for your debate, whether it is an essay or an oral debate competition. After you have composed your debate, go through it again to make sure that it does not have any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Also, make sure that all of the claims are supported by strong and credible evidence. In case you need help, hire a write my paper service now.

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