5 Basic Steps to Craft an Outstanding Essay

Let’s face it, whenever students are assigned a task to write an essay they start to panic. This massive amount of stress and anxiety can hinder their creativity and they end up submitting a vague essay.

Wondering why students refrain from college essay writing? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Essay writing requires a lot of time and effort since you have to pick an appropriate topic, gather data, demonstrate exceptional writing skills, and much more. But believe me despite all the hardships this task can help you attain the chance to be in a spotlight. All you have to do is craft an effective essay and you will surely stand out.

Are you a procrastinator and still haven’t started working in your essay? If yes, then you need to speed up and follow the steps below that can help you develop an outstanding essay. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started

Analyze the prompt

Once you are assigned a task to write an essay it is important to analyze the prompt and read it carefully. Usually, students just read the topic and then start the writing process and end up turning up an essay that isn’t worthy of reading, and eventually, they lose grades.

It is important that you first read the prompt since it can give you an idea about essay type. Once you are done determining the essay type you can start analyzing the topic. If your professor wants you to pick the topic yourself then you are required to select your area of interest and then pick a topic that is easy to comprehend.

Remember! Don’t pick a complex topic that you have no background information since it will cause hurdles for you as you proceed with essay writing.

Develop a thesis statement

Want to write an effective essay? If yes, then work hard on writing an effective thesis statement since it can serve as a pillar on which your whole essay will be based upon. Based on the prompt you need to let the readers know what you will be arguing about and discussing in your essay.

Make sure that your thesis statement is clear and concise but incorporate all the vital details that you’ll be addressing in your essay in body paragraphs.

Create an outline

Planning is important regardless of what task you want to finish timely. In essay writing, creating an outline is imperative since it can facilitate an essay writer in organizing the ideas in a proper format so that all of them are written in a flow.

Imagine reading about world war II and out of nowhere the author starts to discuss the Vietnam war? How will you feel? Obviously, you will get confused as these two wars have no apparent connection and are fought in different years.

Likewise, if you don’t outline your essay first, then you will end up with an essay that is jumbled up with a multitude of ideas. Thus, create an outline and make sure that you develop a topic sentence for body paragraphs. This way you can easily write an essay.

Use credible sources

Using material from authentic sources in your essay can make an impression on the readers that you have actually done proper research about your topic. However, using sources that aren’t credible can frustrate the reader.

Imagine you are spending your time reading a paper and in the end, you come to know that all the claims in the essay are merely the opinions of an individual and aren’t supported by credible sources. How will you feel? Of course, you’ll be annoyed and feel betrayed. Similarly, in your essay, it is necessary that you use credible primary and secondary sources to support the claims you make.

Tip: Don't forget to cite the sources and give proper credit to the authors to avoid plagiarism. Also, follow the citation style as mentioned in the prompt given to you by your professor.

Proofread and edit

Typically, after finishing the writing process students assume that they are done with an essay writing assignment which is wrong. proofreading and editing are essential and can’t be ignored. Once you are done writing your essay read it out loud and point out errors. You should have a strong command of grammatical rules and punctuations so that you can point out the errors and correct them.

It is recommended to take help from your peers as well since they’ll be reading your essay from a neutral perspective and can highlight the errors that weren’t visible to you and can even help you out in editing your essay.

If you aren’t sure about the quality of your essay and worry about grammatical and punctuation errors, then I have another solution for you. try an online essay writing service. You can even ask them to write my essay on a certain topic and can even ask them to proofread your essay and make necessary corrections. Isn’t that amazing. of course, it is. So try it and you can thank me later.

Bonus tips

  • Start your essay with a catchy hook. You may start with a quotation, or statistical fact or even pose a question. This way you can grab readers' attention quickly.
  • Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence and make sure to connect them all to make a proper flow.
  • Conclude your essay like a pro by restarting the thesis statement and letting the readers know about the findings and your interpretations. Don’t mention any new idea since it can confuse the readers rather summarize all your findings.

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