5 common college essay topics with sample introductions and thesis statements

Essay writing is an advanced form of story writing because it is more precise, organized, and eloquent. The focus of teacher's in Middle Schools happens to be on story and precise writing. At that time it felt difficult but when you move up to high school; it seems like a piece of cake to you. But by that time an essay writer needs to manage bigger problems like writing an essay. It is indeed very challenging to craft an exceptional essay for high school students.

The second problem is to come up with essay topics in a particular academic discipline. Academics often suggest that for an essay you should always try to pick a topic which interests you a lot. A topic with no interest would mean that writing an incomprehensive essay with lack of ideas and connectivity. It would neither appeal to your teacher nor any other person. So your topic must be clear and unique.

Two points are most important in an essay: first introduction and second thesis statement. If your introduction is appealing and catchy then a reader would lose the interest in reading the rest of the essay. The second point is a thesis statement that should be a reflection of your main topic. For your guidance, I am writing down some topics with sample introduction and thesis statements or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Examples of five common college essay

Topic: Contraceptive Failures and Abortion

Thesis Statement: In most cases, contraceptives do not fail but when they do issues like moral, humanitarian, and legal emerge.

Introduction: Modern humans can enjoy many health benefits that our ancestors have thought of. Contraceptive is a revolutionary medical option for couples who do not want to bring new life to this planet. They work perfectly fine with the failure rate of only 4% but when they do it creates many problems. Problems that can lead to many other complex problems where other state institutes feel obligated to get involved in personal decision and choices of people. Abortion creates many social and psychological problems mostly for the women as they are more attached to it. The debate on abortion is nowhere near to end as people are divided on morality, legality, and freedom of choice.

Topic: The Cold War in the 20th and 21st century

Thesis Statement: Two world superpowers used weapons to assert their control during the Cold War. The Cold War of the 21st century is more related to the economy where every country is trying to gain maximum benefit.

Introduction: The Second World War ended after the defeat of Germany and surrender of Japan. Britain became weak economically and militarily and could not assert control over other countries. The US and USSR emerged as two superpowers and soon became rivals. Their rivalry expanded to other periphery countries and both fought for almost four decades from the Korean War to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Both countries fought on different fronts with their proxies. Fortunately, it ended in the 1990s and the US emerged victoriously. It was all about asserting one's control over the world which has changed in the 21st century. The economic tensions or tussle between China and the US has marked a new form of Cold War.

Topic: Modern Slavery

Thesis Statement: Low wages for daily workers is the modern form of slavery.

Introduction: Historians have written countless books on slavery in North America. Their focus was to share or specify the genesis of slavery, how and why Europeans introduced it in newly discovered lands. It was very unfortunate that Europeans exploited African slaves for more than two and half centuries. The irony was slavery could not abolish from independent America and it lasted for another century. The history books are full of brutality and inhumane treatment with slaves. In the modern world the situation is slightly the same; today a labourer thinks he is free and working with his free will. In reality, the situation is different and the only issue is, he does not even know about it.

Topic: How the French Revolution was Eminent?

Thesis Statement: Decades of repression of French people forced them to revolt against the monarchy.

Introduction: Athens established the modern form of governments in Athens and it lasted for centuries. Later it was forgotten and new forms of rulerships emerged. In different parts of the world it emerged differently as in one place it was a monarchy and in the other place, it was fiefdom or kingship. The medieval time Europe was divided into different monarchies where the ruling family and aristocrats always thought of their benefit. The wealth was not equally divided and common people were suppressed from decades. It all came to an end during the French Revolution that occurred over a decade.

Topic: Climate change a man made phenomenon

Thesis Statement: Humans are producing greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution since then it has caused a global phenomenon of climate change.

Introduction: It was a moment of joy for industrial scientists who made the industrial revolution possible. It helped countries to exert control over underdeveloped countries for centuries. They flooded the world markets with cheap products and thus eliminated any possible competitor. Mainly, the European countries benefited from the Industrial Revolution and they were the main colonizers. They gathered raw materials from their colonies at cheap rates and produced finished goods and sold them to the same colonies. The coal used for this process created a lot of carbon, after the discovery of crude oil. Countries exploited it for their benefits, the massive use in vehicles created carbon dioxide with other lethal gasses thus paving the way for climate change on a larger scale in the modern period.

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