Now these 5 common types of qualitative research to select the best one for your study

When we talk about types of research studies two types pop up in your heads which are qualitative and quantitative research. What we don’t know is that there are several types of qualitative research and quantitative research. Don’t worry if an essay writer did not know about it before because many students believe that there is only one kind but surprisingly there are five kinds of qualitative research study and various kinds of quantitative research as well.

At times choosing what method will be best for your research study becomes a difficult task. Are you confused about what type of qualitative research to select for your study? I will clear out your confusion by explaining the purpose, applications, and characteristics of all types Of Qualitative Research. If you are planning on conducting research first you need to know what is qualitative research then you can dive into what type is most suitable for your study or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

What is Qualitative Research?

Quality research is considered as a process or a method of collecting data through various sources to come to a final conclusion after evaluating all possible information. This type of study includes detailed research regarding a particular subject. It belongs to the judgment on the basis of the data that is collected. In this method of research, you evaluate the methods and questions, selection of the subjects, and the final results concluded from the research.

The qualitative method can be used to find out the answers to the questions like what and why. You collect the data through different methods like the open-ended conversation to narrow the observation into the subject of the research. Qualitative research is divided into five types which are

  1. Ethnography
  2. Focus-Group
  3. One on one interview
  4. Grounded Theory
  5. Case Study

1. Ethnography

Ethnography is the most detailed observational method of all. It aims to study people in their very own natural environments. You can use this type of qualitative research if you are targeting a particular sector or a group of people. This research method evaluates the behaviors, attitudes, environments, and cultures of the targeted audience. In this research study, you have to collect the data through analysis and observation. This could be a time-consuming method that can last from a few days to weeks, months, and years. It depends on the research how good their analysis skills are to be able to collect accurate data.

2. Focus Group

This type of qualitative research is commonly used in data gathering. A focus group is known to be a group containing 6-10 members that become part of the research. You need to ask them multiple questions regarding your research study and you have to collect the data from their answer. You can use this method when you have to conduct market research to launch a new product etc. If you are still confused, consult a write my paper service now.

3. One on one Interview

This is the most common type of qualitative research type that is used to conduct research about the business, marketing, products, sales, social issues, psychological or medical issues, etc. A personal interview is carried out with one person at a time. It provides details about a certain subject from one person. This is a way of collecting data from an individual to analyze the views of one person.

This method is a conversational method that provides you a chance of getting details in depth about your research topic.

You can select this type of qualitative study if you want to collect detailed data from a specific number of people related to your field. You need to ask questions from the individuals and collect meaningful data from what they answer.

4. Grounded Theory

Grounded theory is another type of qualitative research that aims to provide a reason or the theory behind the occurrence of the events. You can conduct interviews and use the existing information and documents to develop a theory based on the collected data. You gotta create a link between the data and also go through the series of axial coding techniques to recognize the patterns and themes to develop a theory. Obviously, you can not come up with a theory without any evidence or experiments. In this type of research, you have to keep the sample size large to ensure that the pattern or a theme that you recognized is consistent. Then you can finally provide a theory based on the collected data to have a better understanding of the subject of your research.

5. Case Study

The case study method is particularly used when you have to explain an organization or an entity. This type of research method is usually used within a number of fields like social sciences, education psychology, etc. This method is usually perceived as complicated but this is the simplest method of all. It includes a deep understanding of the subject and a thorough understanding of data gathering and evaluating methods.

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