50 Amazing topics and ideas you can use for your critical essay assignment

Finding a suitable topic for writing a college essay is like looking for a pure white cat in the snow. The reason is that you are required to consider several factors such as a topic that must be as per the essay type. For instance, if your professor requires an argumentative essay then you must pick a debatable topic. On the other hand, if your professor asks you to write a narrative essay then you must pick a topic related to your personal life.

Not the only essay type but choosing a topic that is both interesting and easy to comprehend are some other factors that one must consider while picking a topic. Students most of the time ignore these factors and select a topic that is difficult to comprehend and is not as per their interest. This results in an essay that isn’t worthy to read and therefore, they end up receiving lower grades.

Remember! a good topic can make it or break it for an essay writer. So don’t let the opportunity to attain good grades slip away just because you weren’t able to pick a suitable topic. If you are assigned a task to write a critical essay, then you must have encountered plenty of critical essay topics on the internet and now you are confused as you aren’t sure which topic is the best.

It is hard to pick a topic to write a critical essay since it is a misconception among students that in a critical essay they are required to criticize content and to point out errors in a content that may be a novel, poetry, movie, or even prose. However, the reality is totally different. In a critical essay, you are required to analyze and interpret a text by making certain claims regarding a specific idea or a theme and then supporting them with primary or secondary sources.

If you are looking for some topic ideas to write a critical essay then, before you pick a topic, it is imperative that you select the area of your interest and then think whether you have sufficient background information about the topic or not and can you handle all the technical aspects of the topic or not. Once you figure out the answer to these questions it will be easy for you to pick the right topic.

If you need a little help, then I have shortlisted a few latest and easy topics so that you can pick the one and start your writing process.

Are you ready to skim through the list of topics? If yes, then, let's proceed.


  1. Xenophobia
  2. Islamophobia
  3. Living in multicultural societies
  4. Elevated rates of drug abuse in teens
  5. Elevated rates of suicide among teens
  6. Altering gender roles
  7. Poverty
  8. Homelessness
  9. Racism
  10. Impact of technology
  11. History and anthropology

  12. Wonders of the world
  13. Racism and colonization
  14. American colonization and its impact on slavery
  15. The pyramids of Egypt
  16. The industrial revolution in England
  17. Vietnam war: what lessons were learned?
  18. Post world war I
  19. The fall of the Soviet Union
  20. The fall of the Mughal empire
  21. History of architecture
  22. Law and Crime

  23. What are the factors that lead to juvenile delinquency?
  24. Why do rich people are involved in white-collar crimes?
  25. Incarceration or rehabilitation: the better solution for juvenile offenders
  26. Incarceration or rehabilitation: the better solution for adult offenders
  27. Association of violent crimes and genes
  28. Is crime nurtured or is it nature-related
  29. How to prevent juvenile delinquency?
  30. How to combat recidivism?
  31. Juvenile delinquency and poverty
  32. Associations of street art and graffiti on crimes
  33. Economic

  34. How to manage inflation?
  35. Causes of economic recession
  36. Monetary policy and its impact on global trade
  37. Import duty
  38. Unemployment
  39. What are the ways that facilitate in improving GDP?
  40. What is the importance of entrepreneurship?
  41. The trade conflict between China and the US.
  42. Artificial intelligence and its impact on business
  43. Are robots reducing employment rates?
  44. Literature

  45. Usage of irony in modern literature
  46. Figurative speeches used in Dante’s Inferno
  47. Discuss the recurring themes in Shakespeare’s plays Hamlet and Macbeth
  48. How to define a tragic hero?
  49. Effectiveness of metaphors in the writing
  50. Effectiveness of imagery in the poem
  51. Analyze the play Hamlet
  52. Critically analyze the play, Macbeth
  53. Critically analyze the role of lady Macbeth in the demise of the lord Macbeth
  54. How was allegory utilized in the play, King Lear?

I hope that the above list of topics must have helped you in fueling your creativity and you must be ready to start looking for the relevant data so that you can proceed with the essay writing. Make sure that you analyze the topic from various perspectives and then after understanding it completely you can begin the writing process.

Still unsure about the right topic? If yes, then don’t be hard on yourself. Try to relax a bit and then with a clear mindset pick a topic that you feel you can easily write an effective essay. Remember! essay writing requires a lot of time and rushing to pick a topic won’t help. Therefore, you are required to stay calm while you are deciding on a topic for your essay.

If you are in crunch time and haven’t picked a topic yet, then I suggest you hire a professional essay writer. An expert academic writer can not only help you pick the right topic but can create an outline for you and can even craft an essay for you. So, without further delaying the search for an authentic essay writing service to hire a writer and say goodbyes to all your worries.

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