6 factors that can make or break your argumentative essay

If you want to check your student about how well the one is in writing, you can surely check their argumentative techniques. The only analytical platform you will encounter in your writing profession is the one with argumentative essays.

Some people are good at their writing but they fail to realize the tricks that can make their writing an impactful one. Some might still be wondering how to write a college essay for their eventual prompt that their instructor has just assigned them. You don’t need to overthink. Just grab a chair and give this tutorial a five-minute read. You surely won’t regret it!

What is the basic concept of writing an argumentative essay?

This type of essay is a piece of writing where the student takes a stance regarding any problem or scenario, backs it up with the evidence, and elaborates it in a way that the audience will believe in you.

The purpose of an argumentative essay is to persuade that your stance is logical, ethical, and ultimately correct. An essay writer needs to accomplish these steps to know they are going in the right direction;

  • A clear argumentative stance in the introductory paragraph.
  • The main body in which you will write the supporting claims and their justifications.
  • If required, you will also write a paragraph that will convey the opposing statement as well.
  • Finally, a conclusion that will convey the audience about the meaning of your whole essay and provide the audience with a meaningful statement to further think on.

Eventually, your argumentative essay will comprise of three main components;

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

Now you must be thinking where the argument comes from: isn’t it like having a shouting match with your brother across the dining table? Now you have got it right.

So if you want to think about the position that your topic is one you will be gathering all the relevant information that has already been developed over time. That means you will collect all that information and incorporate it into your essay accordingly.

Never copy-paste everything, you need to connect your thesis statement with the rest of the information you are about to collect. Also, never forget to cite those sources in their proper format. If you are required to cite your sources in MLA, you need to use MLA format respectively.

What are the factors that can make or break your essay?

  1. First, you need to craft an outline that is the most convenient way to make your essay an effective one. A brief and clear outline will make the flow of your essay in a better way. An impactful outline will cover the topic of your essay in a more detailed manner.
  2. It also helps you to brainstorm your ideas in a more organized way. Similarly, it will also provide you a platform that can make your essay an organized one.
  3. Then, you need to choose a topic that is the most relevant to your thinking process. You will think about what you are going to present. It is a must thing to select your topic while taking plenty of time to get satisfied with it.
    • If you will opt for a topic that you can’t manage throughout your essay then surely you have chosen a wrong one. You need to go for a topic that you can handle till the end. A strong topic will make your essay an effective one.
  4. After selecting a topic you need to be very careful about writing the introduction section. Your introduction is the first paragraph that your readers are going to read. Your introduction needs to be very attractive to your audience or else it will put a bad impression on your audience.
  5. Your introduction includes the thesis statement written at the end of your paragraph. Your thesis statement needs to be brief and concise one yet explaining the main theme of your overall essay. If you will be unable to write a proper thesis statement it will surely negatively impact your essay.
  6. After that, your body paragraphs need to be arranged in a proper format that every essay has. Each topic sentence will be explained in an independent body paragraph. For example, if you have 3 topic sentences so your body paragraph will consist of three paragraphs for sure.
    • You need to be careful about the proper format of your body paragraphs: first, you will start your paragraph with your topic sentence. Then explaining the topic sentence in 1-2 sentences. After that, you will be putting a statement that will justify your topic sentence. You will then elaborate that in 3-4 sentences. Finally, you will write your concluding sentences in 1-2 sentences in total.
    • Your body paragraphs need to be arranged in this specific format or else you will lose good scores.
  7. You need to encourage the use of transition words. Transition words are those which you use to connect one paragraph to the other. Without the transition words, you will be unable to make the organization of the paragraph.
    • Every type of essay facilitates each type of transition words, if you will be unable to maintain the coherence you are putting yourself in danger.
  8. Finally, your conclusion needs to be concise and clear at the same time. Although it will restate all the above-mentioned information but in a concluding way. Your every conclusion will relate to your thesis argument that you have made earlier in the introductory section. Here, you will not incorporate any new ideas as you are already winding up your essay.
    • Make your concluding statement loud and clear so that your reader might not take any confusion in their mind!

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