60 Engrossing Topics to Make Your Next Critical Essay a Big Success

You must hear a famous saying that practice makes a man perfect and I believe this rule also applies when it comes to writing. Your consistent efforts and understanding of the basic principles of writing can make you a good writer. This formula of success can also witness in the case of essay writing. An essay writer has to complete many essay assignments when you are a college student, hence you can never escape from this requirement. The only thing you can do is to passionately learn about essay writing and repetitively apply those rules in your writing to expect good outcomes.

When we are talking about essay writing, a critical essay is not a completely new approach for you. It is one of the common types of essays that are applied to critically analyze, infer, and assess a specific text. Simply, for a critical essay, you need to make a particular claim and include evidence in your essay to support that claim. By definition, it seems simple but you need to follow all the steps to write a good critical essay.

Topic selection is the first and crucial phase to expect an excellent critical essay according to the requirements. You need to choose an interesting topic to successfully proceed with the process of critical essay writing. For this, you can take help from online essay writing services. It is a good option for you to observe different Critical Essay Topics and select the most appropriate idea for your essay assignment. Always choose something that you can consider interesting and want to explore more comprehensively. Let’s take a look at some of the engrossing topics that can make your next critical essay a big triumph or you can always ask others to write my essay.

Engrossing Topics for Critical Essay

  1. How gender roles are changing over the years?
  2. Critically analyze the impact of advanced communication technology on society?
  3. How the growing problem of homelessness is a social issue?
  4. Analyze the potential reasons that cause the problem of drug abuse in the case of teenagers.
  5. Impact of censorship on the music industry.
  6. How is the factor of job satisfaction associated with the perspective of employee turnover rate?
  7. Analytical review of the existing position of globalization and its impact on underdeveloped countries.
  8. How bullying in school can influence the mental health of the victims?
  9. Critically analyze the prevailing healthcare system of the country.
  10. Why is privacy one of the major concerns considering the growing popularity of social media sites?
  11. Critically assess any movie of your choice.
  12. Any memorable novel that you can never forget.
  13. Why should education be free for every child?
  14. Can an ebook be considered a good replacement for the printed book? Illustrate some reasons.
  15. Why the issue of child abuse is getting worse each day?
  16. What is the role of the smartphone in your life?
  17. How the medium of television has the power to change people’s perceptions?
  18. Address the reasons for how urban life is different from rural life.
  19. How technology can be a source of ease in someone’s life?
  20. Do you think playing video games is the source of anxiety in someone’s life?

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  1. What is the role of technology in the sector of education?
  2. How different aspects of nature are described by English poets? Consider some examples and respond.
  3. Critically evaluate different aspects of human psychology.
  4. Why should solving environmental problems be a priority for human beings?
  5. Critically evaluate one of the best literary works of William Shakespeare.
  6. How the problem of terrorism directly influences the paradigm of globalization?
  7. Discuss the importance of diversity in an organizational setting.
  8. Why does the discipline of space research need government assistance?
  9. Discuss the role of government in a mixed economy.
  10. Critically analyze the existing position of the glass ceiling in the current working environment.
  11. Discuss the benefits of outdoor games.
  12. What are the possible measures to deal with the growing issue of juvenile delinquency?
  13. Critically analyze the legal position of abortion.
  14. Critically and concisely discuss the success story of Google.
  15. How Instagram changes people's perceptions of life?
  16. What immediate actions are necessary to address the growing incidents of school shootings?
  17. How does the element of stress impact employees’ performance level?
  18. Comparative analysis of three economies of your choice.
  19. Critically analyze the social problem of corruption.
  20. How well does modern art represent the evolution of society?
  21. What are the measures to reduce the risk of breast cancer?
  22. Analyze the role of social workers to address the problem of homelessness.
  23. Critical analysis of the food industry.
  24. Discuss the economic status of minorities living in America.
  25. How can China rank as an economic superpower?
  26. Critically analyze the IT sector of the country.
  27. Discuss the importance of nature in the survival of human beings.
  28. Critically analyze the growing trend of virtual learning.
  29. Discuss the existing connection between the environment and economic growth.
  30. What are the practical measures to promote the literacy rate in the country?
  31. How does the healthcare industry change due to advanced technology?
  32. What is the role of religion in the scenario of morality?
  33. The effectiveness of a country's law system to address the issue of racism.
  34. Critically analyze the existing war situation of the Middle East.
  35. The element of racism in police enforcement.
  36. The role of Artificial Intelligence in social development.
  37. How noise pollution is a major problem for society?
  38. Describe the connection between international relationships and globalization.
  39. Discuss the legal rights of the LGBT community.
  40. What are the practical steps to promote women’s empowerment?

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