69+ Topics for Expository Essay

Who doesn’t like to solve puzzles and be a part of a scavenger hunt? I know it is exciting when you have to analyze and investigate little details and then solve the puzzles. Similarly, in academics’ expository essay is a type of essay in which you are required to investigate an idea and then analyze it from various perspectives and present an argument regarding the idea in a clear yet concise manner.

I know that the above definition of an expository essay is making you nervous but believe me with practice you can also write an effective college essay that can impress your teachers and can also facilitate you in attaining good scores. However, the first step to write an effective essay is a topic.

You must be wondering why choosing a perfect topic is such a big deal. Well, to be honest, the topic sets the tone for your essay. It serves as the first impression that can attract readers. Although, most of the time professors give students the topic themselves while sometimes they let students pick the topic of their own choice. I know it sounds cool but in reality, it is really tough to pick a topic.

The reason why choosing a topic is difficult because an essay writer needs to make sure that the topic is up-to-date, easy to comprehend, interesting, and as per professor’s instructions. But if you are looking for some expository essay topics so that you pick the one to start working on your essay then fortunately you are at the right place. With intense hard work and hitting multiple search engines, I have shortlisted a few essay topics that are not only up-to-date but easy to comprehend as well. Lastly, you can also buy essay online from other experts.

So, skim through the topics below and pick the one on which you believe you can easily craft an effective essay.

  1. Can gender stereotyping be eliminated from society?
  2. How to stop inequality in the workplace?
  3. How to foster equality at workplaces?
  4. Is poverty the cause of homelessness?
  5. Association of domestic violence with homelessness
  6. How to deal with children diagnosed with ADHD?
  7. How should one know and understand business ethics?
  8. How ethics shape an individual’s personality?
  9. Why do people wish for someone who can process their write my paper for me request?
  10. Analyze the impact of global warming on the climate
  11. What are the main reasons behind addictions?
  12. Why do students tend to bunk classes?
  13. The causes of the French Revolution
  14. Online classes Vs traditional classes: the better one?
  15. Are women treated fairly today at workplaces?
  16. Workplace harassment: causes and consequences
  17. Why are domestic violence rates elevating amid a pandemic?
  18. Why divorce rates are increasing amid a pandemic?
  19. Is religion fostering extremism?
  20. Why do parents use smartphones as pacifiers?
  21. The reason for using social media among the masses
  22. Importance of having a good hobby
  23. Why is music considered good for the soul?
  24. The role of teachers as counselors
  25. Is essay writing online better for children?
  26. Sex education should be made mandatory in schools
  27. How gun control can help in deterring crimes?
  28. Why are graffiti and street arts associated with crimes?
  29. What is the motivation behind engaging in negative habits?
  30. Why peer pressure is associated with better performance?
  31. Drug addiction: a disease or a choice
  32. How to treat drug addiction?
  33. Is the notion behind the death penalty absurd?
  34. Discuss the invention of the mass media?
  35. Discuss the invention of the internet.
  36. Discuss the role of social media in altering consumer behavior?
  37. Discuss the influence of social media in our daily life
  38. What are the consequences of being addicted to social media networks?
  39. Are the inventions of Elon Musk detrimental to humanity?
  40. How does mechanical technology become obsolete?
  41. Why do immigrants find it difficult to assimilate with others?
  42. Racial segregation throughout history
  43. Impact of colonialism in America
  44. Impact of the trade war on China and America bilateral relations
  45. College athletes should be given scholarships
  46. Can cheerleading be considered as a sport
  47. What are the causes of terrorism?
  48. How do you define faith?
  49. The notion of a tragic hero in old literature
  50. Literary devices in the play Romeo Juliet
  51. Role of fate in Beowulf
  52. What is the philosophy of life?
  53. Importance of adult literacy
  54. Is telepathy a real thing or just a myth?
  55. What makes certain actors stand out above others?
  56. Why is patriarchy still prevalent in our society?
  57. How can we eradicate racism from our society?
  58. The main motive behind comic book villains
  59. Why are fictional characters considered as perfect role models?
  60. How to combat the issue of pollution?
  61. What is a phobia?
  62. How to treat depression?
  63. How to treat anxiety?
  64. What are the causes of depression?
  65. How to prevent suicide ideation?
  66. Why reducing greenhouse gasses might be a lost cause.
  67. Parenting styles
  68. Why robot technology may reduce job opportunities?
  69. Was Hitler a maniac or visionary?
  70. How are planets named?
  71. GMOs diet and its side effects on the body

That was a very long list. I know the list looks a bit intimidating at first but believe me once you stop panicking you may easily find a topic that interests you the most.

Remember! To pick a topic you must have a proper mindset. So, take your time and then pick a topic.

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