70+ Descriptive essay topics and prompts for elementary grade students

Let’s be honest. Essay writing is an imperative part of the educational journey therefore; by no means, you can escape this task. However, despite considering it as a daunting task you may think of it as an opportunity to demonstrate writing skills that can impress the readers and also a way to foster creativity.

If you are a student, then you must have to write essays on various topics and that so on different essay types. However, the most common essay type that you’ll be asked to write an essay is a descriptive essay. In a descriptive essay, an essay writer is required to describe something that can either be a person, a place, or object, an experience, a memory, or an idea.

The main aim of this essay type is to let the readers make a picture in their mind and connect with the readers by playing with their senses. Sounds easy right! But believe me, writing an essay of this type is a bit challenging. You have to play with the words smartly so that you can attain clarity and not overpower your essay with tons of descriptions.

Although you are required to be formal while writing this kind of essay, you can add a touch of yourself if the topic you have chosen is a bit personal. This way you can intimately connect with the readers. If you are given the topic where you need to give a description of any experience you have encountered, then I suggest you be real and introduce your topic in a way that readers want to read more.

Typically, when you get the task to write descriptive essay professors provide you with a list of topics from which you have to pick the one that interests you the most, or they give you the leverage to pick the topic of your own choice without being bound to the prompts provided by them.

I know it sounds exciting to find a topic of your own choice but this task isn’t that easy. However, for your convenience, I have done all the hard work on your behalf and have shortlisted the descriptive college essay topics for you that are not only easy to comprehend but are interesting as well.

  1. My favorite comic book
  2. My favorite picture book
  3. My hobby
  4. Attending a magic show
  5. Visiting a haunted house
  6. Visiting a theme park
  7. A trip to the water park
  8. My neighbor
  9. The place where I grew up
  10. My favorite sport
  11. Last day of my school
  12. Sir Isaac Newton
  13. Einstein: The famous physicist
  14. Martin Luther king
  15. Describe a day at a hospital emergency
  16. Describe your favorite historical figure
  17. Describe your favorite TV show
  18. Describe your favorite cartoons
  19. My favorite singer
  20. My favorite dancer
  21. Abraham Lincoln
  22. Describe your favorite summer vacation
  23. Describe the best birthday gift you have ever received
  24. Describe your last day at school
  25. My dream job
  26. My favorite video game
  27. The first time I tried Mexican Cuisine
  28. The first time I tried Chinese Cuisine
  29. Watching a Niagara fall for the first time
  30. Visiting a zoo
  31. Visiting a museum for the first time
  32. Attending Sunday services
  33. My perfect vacation
  34. Describe your room
  35. My favorite subject
  36. The place I want to visit
  37. Attending a charity event.
  38. Your favorite TV show
  39. A favorite room in my house
  40. My pet
  41. My happiest memory
  42. My saddest memory
  43. A person I look up to
  44. An athlete that made me like sports
  45. Attending a musical concert for the first time
  46. Visiting beach
  47. Describe your morning routine
  48. My favorite personality
  49. My favorite profession
  50. My favorite teacher
  51. Swimming at a local swimming pool
  52. Learning swimming
  53. Describe the process of baking your favorite food
  54. Describe your favorite food
  55. Describe how to cook your favorite food
  56. Attending a football match
  57. Attending a basketball match
  58. Participating in a football match
  59. Participating in a school charity event
  60. Giving a presentation to the class for the first time
  61. Describe the time you met a celebrity.
  62. Riding on a bus to go to school
  63. Riding a train for the first time
  64. A trip to the zoo
  65. Visiting my grandparents’ home
  66. My first road trip
  67. My first road trip with school friends
  68. Camping with family
  69. Camping with friends
  70. My favorite tourist spot
  71. The best place to spend a summer vacation
  72. Best place to spend winter vacation

Have you skimmed through the list of topics? If yes, then let me tell you something important. You can also modify the above-listed topics as per your desire and interest. For instance, if you are a soccer fan you can modify the topic “Attending a cricket match” to “Attending a soccer match”. That is so cool right. So play with the topics and craft an essay that can grab readers’ attention.

Once you are done finding a topic, take some time, and analyze the topic from a different perspective. If you have selected a topic on any celebrity, or a place or a historic figure then you are required to search for the data but only from authentic sources. After collecting the data, it is time to create an outline so that you can easily organize your ideas and ensure clarity.

If you aren’t able to craft an essay, then don’t worry I am here to help you out. I have another solution that can facilitate you especially if you are in crunch time. all you have to do is look for an authentic essay writing service online and let their writers craft an essay for you in no time.

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