70 narrative essay topics that would keep readers on their toes

Writing a narrative essay is easy but writing a boring narrative essay is even easier! You would never want your reader to sleep while you are telling them your most fascinating dream for the most excruciating experience. It is all too that you need excellent content with an incredible approach and organization of the essay, but what is most important is to choose a topic that grasps the attention of the reader and makes them want to read the whole essay. Sometimes the teacher will offer you a wider topic which you can easily narrow down to your personal choice. It is also possible that you have to choose a topic yourself. No matter what the situation is you are required to choose a topic that will keep the readers on their toes. If an essay writer is assigned one such as them but has trouble finding the right topic then here are some suggestions for him.

  1. First day at school
  2. Experience in college life
  3. The happiest moment at school/ college
  4. The most embarrassing moment in the college/ school
  5. When I met my best friend
  6. If I could change past
  7. If I had a million dollars
  8. My favorite place to visit
  9. Memories of best summer vacation
  10. If I could go back in time
  11. Most confusing time of my life
  12. Time spent with my mentor
  13. The most fascinating experience of my life
  14. Experience of my first internship
  15. My first day at the job
  16. The time I overcome my fear
  17. My inspiration
  18. My favorite personality
  19. My favorite politician
  20. My favorite sports person
  21. The biggest risk I took
  22. The hardest decision I made
  23. People who have motivated me
  24. How I change my bad habits
  25. My experience of a historical event
  26. My favorite book
  27. How my favorite movie changed my view of life?My favorite book
  28. What did I learn from my social media friends?
  29. Everyday issues I want to resolve
  30. That time I felt the most helpless
  31. Role of Technology in my life
  32. My favorite hobby
  33. My long-term goals
  34. My aim in life
  35. My piece of advice

    The best suggestion anyone can offer you regarding the choice of a topic is that do not rush this path rather think over it and decide wisely. Once you have chosen any one of these narrative essay topics, focus on it completely. Conduct the research and make an outline for your college essay. The whole procedure and success of the essay depend solely on your interest in the topic. For this reason, you are required to have a topic that will allow you to be creative as well as keep you interested in writing it. If you still cannot find a good topic that will excite you to write the essay, here are some more examples for you to choose from.

  36. The teacher who changed my life forever
  37. Most inspiring Talk Show I ever attended
  38. My dream job
  39. Family traditions I like and dislike
  40. My approach to education
  41. My method of learning
  42. My first childhood memory
  43. My first experience of failure
  44. Keeping a pet
  45. Taking driving lessons
  46. How I quit eating junk food
  47. That time I met my favorite celebrity
  48. When I befriended my enemy
  49. When I saw a horrible accident
  50. When I won a sports competition
  51. Importance of personal growth in my view
  52. My views on ethnic identity
  53. Why do I think cosmetic surgery should be banned?
  54. My perspective of Healthy lifestyle
  55. Why is happiness more important than wealth?
  56. My concerns about environmental issues
  57. How do I reduce stress in my life?
  58. My volunteering experiences
  59. Why do I think everyone should volunteer?
  60. How volunteering makes the world a better place?
  61. A natural disaster I experienced
  62. Why do I prefer online education?
  63. How did I convert my failure into success?
  64. Why did I choose my major is computer science? (or any other subject which you have chosen as your major)
  65. Why do I Rebel against my parents?
  66. Impact of sacrifices of my parents
  67. Why choose to go to Harvard University (or name of your University)?
  68. Why did I quit social media?
  69. Importance of mentorship
  70. My thoughts on women empowerment
  71. My biggest achievement
  72. When my dream college rejected me
  73. Why do I want to become a police officer?
  74. Why do I think the education system must be upgraded?

By now you must have got a topic or at least have an idea of what you can choose as a topic for your essay. Brainstorm your ideas and then organize them through an outline to make sure that you follow all the writing principles when composing the essay. You can also view some examples of essays on similar topics before you start composing your own. They will give you a good idea of what and how to write.

Before you start writing your narrative essay here are some little yet very effective tips for you. This will help you to write your narrative essay. First of all, remember all the details of that idea, event, or experience which you have chosen as your topic. You can just randomly write it on a sheet of paper. Try to remember all the fascinating details.

At this stage, you do not have to worry about anything, just let your mind think freely. Then after you have written down all the details. Start to organize them in a preferably chronological order. This outline will be really helpful when you are about to start your essay. In this way, you will not forget the important points. As there is no as a guideline for this type of essay, feel free to write whatever suits you.

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