72+ Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Students

Open any news channel and you hear the news that air pollution is caused by the burning of fossil fuels while marine life is disturbed due to the plastic consumption and its disposal in oceans, etc. It is noteworthy to mention that people are interested in not only learning about an issue but also about its causes. Likewise, in academics to explore any issue in-depth professors often assign students a task to write a cause and effect essay on various topics.

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While many students believe that it is a bit easier when they have to pick a topic themselves. While many are familiar that working independently requires double efforts since you need to pick a topic that is as per the professor’s instructions and easy to comprehend.

The process of looking for a topic is overwhelming but don't worry I am here to help an essay writer out. If you are looking for some interesting and easy to comprehend cause and effect essay topics, then you are in the right place. With a lot of hard work, I have composed a list of topics from which you can pick the one that interests you the most. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and start skimming through the topics below. Or you can also ask an essay writer service to get it done for you.

  1. What are the effects of birth control for the developing countries?
  2. What are the causes and effects of the greenhouse effect?
  3. How does bullying impact the grades of students?
  4. Impact of parents’ divorce on children
  5. Causes of elevated rates of domestic violence amid a pandemic
  6. Causes of elevated rates of teens suicide
  7. The effects of COVID-19 on the global economy
  8. Does globalization have negative effects on the economy?
  9. Impact of obesity on children’s mental health
  10. What are the impacts of hyperinflation on the economy of the country?
  11. Impacts of sexism in the contemporary world
  12. Causes of workplace harassment and its impact on employee’s performance
  13. Causes of hair fall among males
  14. Causes of hair fall among females
  15. Drug abuse and its effects on the human body
  16. Impacts of homeschooling in children
  17. How happy relationships can influence a person’s moods?
  18. How traveling the world affects the personality of a person?
  19. What are the underlying causes of racism?
  20. Causes of earthquakes
  21. Causes of tsunami
  22. Causes of divorce
  23. Consumption of alcohol and its impact on people
  24. Alcohol consumption and its impact on pregnant women
  25. Impact of violent videogames on teens
  26. How music affects the human body?
  27. How living in poverty influences health choices?
  28. Lying: causes and consequences
  29. How the war in Syria impacts the US?
  30. Is homelessness caused due to poverty?
  31. What are the causes of suicide ideation?
  32. Causes of melting of glaciers
  33. Effects of climate change on the world
  34. What causes acid rain?
  35. Fast foods and their association with obesity
  36. Stress causes eating disorders
  37. Impact of drugs consumption on relationships
  38. Impact of alcohol consumption on relationships
  39. Diseases in marine life are caused by pollution
  40. How global warming leads to the death of marine life?
  41. Impacts of ozone layer depletion on climate
  42. Impacts of ozone depletion on humans
  43. causes of sibling rivalry
  44. Causes of homelessness
  45. Impact of gay marriages on society
  46. Causes of drug addiction
  47. Impacts of online classes on children learning behavior
  48. Impact of cyberbullying on children
  49. Impact of cyberbullying on adults
  50. Causes of cyberbullying
  51. Causes of economic recession
  52. Impact of a pandemic on the global economy
  53. What are the main causes of crimes?
  54. Wearing uniforms in schools and its impact on student’s personality
  55. Root causes of divorce among newly married couples
  56. Causes of poverty
  57. Impacts of studying criminal psychology on the behavior of students
  58. Impacts of behavioral therapies on criminals
  59. Impact of steroids on the human body
  60. Effects of consumer behavior on online shopping
  61. Causes of juvenile delinquency
  62. Causes of terrorism
  63. Anorexia and its causes
  64. Causes and effects of stress
  65. Causes of depression
  66. Impact of depression on humans
  67. What are the causes of a drug overdose?
  68. The impacts of non-profit organizations on local communities.
  69. Role of water and its low quality in the healthcare sector.
  70. Causes and impacts of unemployment on individuals with disabilities.
  71. Impact of poor hygiene on an individual’s health
  72. Impact of fast food consumption on human’s health
  73. Causes of fast food popularity

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