77 Interesting Topics for Reflective Essays

Wanna know the secrets to write an effective college essay that can immediately grab readers’ attention? If yes, then stay with me because I will unveil lots of secrets that will help you nail the art of essay writing.

The first and foremost important step to write an effective essay is to pick a suitable topic. Yes, you heard me right. Remember! The first impression is the last and the topic of your essay is the first thing that readers will look at. So choose a topic wisely.

Are you struggling to pick a topic for your essay? If yes, then you need to determine the essay type first and then embark on the journey to find an effective topic. Have you determined the essay type and now you are looking for reflective essay topics from which you can pick the one that interests you the most? If your answer is affirmative, then stop panicking because your savior is here.

Remember! A reflective essay requires you to write about your life experiences. You need to examine any experience of your life and let the readers know what factors led you to act in a certain way and how a specific incident changed your life or how an individual impacted your life. Therefore, an essay writer is required to pick a topic that isn’t too broad or isn’t too narrow to cover all details.

For your convenience, I have already done the hard work of looking for interesting topics on your behalf so that you won’t have to spend your precious time looking for topics from various search engines. All you have to do is skim through the list below and find the topic on which you feel you can easily manage to write an incredible essay. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s have a look at the topic below.


  1. 1. Sitting on a hilltop
  2. Climbing a mountain for the first time
  3. Visiting the ocean for the first time
  4. Looking at dolphins
  5. Visiting a Lavender garden for, the first time
  6. Attending a flower exhibition
  7. Swimming in a lake with friends
  8. Playing in a mud
  9. Walking in the rain
  10. Watching a sunset
  11. Family and friends

  12. Confronting a family member
  13. Confronting a friend
  14. A family reunion at a Christmas dinner
  15. An incident that brought your family closer
  16. An incident that created misunderstanding between you and your friends
  17. A family trip to Huawei
  18. A family trip to a foreign country
  19. The time your sibling saved from getting embarrassed
  20. The time your sibling saved you from bullies
  21. The time your friend stands against the people who bullied you
  22. Places

  23. Your neighborhood growing up
  24. The town where you were born
  25. The town where you spent your childhood
  26. Your favorite shopping mall
  27. An amusement park
  28. A trip to the water park
  29. A trip to the theme park
  30. Exploring a haunted place with friends
  31. Your favorite vacation spot
  32. Your favorite restaurant
  33. Significant events

  34. Moving from your childhood home to hostel
  35. Living in a hostel
  36. Attending an award ceremony
  37. Attending a charity event
  38. Attending a musical concert
  39. Attending a Sunday church services
  40. A birthday party that you will never forget
  41. A bad snowstorm
  42. Offering food to the homeless
  43. Remodeling of your old house
  44. Reflective questions

  45. How I overcame my phobia?
  46. How I overcame my worst fear?
  47. Do you ever feel underappreciated?
  48. How can you use your swimming experience to help other people?
  49. What activities make you feel motivated?
  50. Have you ever performed a heroic act?
  51. How a certain incident changed your life?
  52. How the demise of a friend impacted you?
  53. How a sudden demise of a family member changed your life view?
  54. Has someone ever made you scared?
  55. Daily life

  56. The happiest day of your life
  57. The saddest day of my life
  58. The time that you felt embarrassed
  59. Describe your first day at school
  60. Your first job interview
  61. A driving experience
  62. Riding in a school bus
  63. The time when you fixed an electric appliance
  64. Your first day at college
  65. Watching a movie with friends
  66. General topics

  67. The day I won a competition
  68. Visiting a historical place
  69. Visiting a zoo
  70. The time I participated in a debate competition
  71. A dining experience at a beach
  72. Celebrating Christmas at grandparents’ house
  73. Reflect on your first baking experience
  74. Decorating a Christmas tree
  75. Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner
  76. The day I helped someone in a need
  77. Experiencing success for the first time
  78. Experiencing failure for the first time
  79. The time I learned swimming
  80. Best places to visit in summers
  81. The time I learned driving a car
  82. A week without a parent’s supervision
  83. My first salary

I hope that you have found an interesting topic ad now ready to start a writing process. However, I suggest you create an outline first so that you can organize your ideas in a proper format to ensure clarity.

If you aren’t able to pick a topic yet I suggest you first pick a category that you find interesting. This way you can narrow down the choices. After selecting your favorite category, you can skim through the list of topics mentioned under that category and you can easily find a topic for your essay.

On the other hand, if the deadline to submit your essay is approaching, then I suggest you to without further delaying contact an essay writing service and share with them the details of your assignments and let their professional writers craft an essay for you. Your work will be delivered to you on time, and you won’t even have to worry about plagiarism and grammatical or punctuation errors.

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