80 Topics for argumentative essay - A Topical Guide

Argumentation is a basic human instinct because everyone wants to show they are right. The argument is taken as a battle of ego rather than thinking of it as a new learning ground. The end of the argument should be an increase in knowledge and not the title of the best person. Once you are handed the assignment to write a college essay, you would be making sure that you evaluate both the sides rationally and then present why your option might be the superior one as compared to others. You would be trying to convince others through proper tactics. If you want to have some choice regarding the topic, read on.

  1. A diverse workforce is better for the profitability of the organization
  2. Use of technology is getting out of hand
  3. Industrialization is the main culprit behind pollution
  4. Bullying should be a punishable crime
  5. Spanking as a form of discipline in children
  6. The difference in studies between school and college is too extensive
  7. College athletes deserve better compensation.
  8. Movies have lost their touch through CGI.
  9. Marvel studios vs DC universe.
  10. Can comic books be termed as respectable pieces of literature?
  11. Social learning is essential for every child.
  12. Smartphone restrictions should be imposed on children
  13. The benefits of smartphones for kids and learning.
  14. Obesity is a form of disease.
  15. Sugary drinks should be banned from the counters.
  16. Students are not prepared for practical life by the teachers.
  17. Importance of competition to succeed.
  18. Is peer pressure really a thing?
  19. Are students getting crushed under the expectation of their parents
  20. Was life better before technology?
  21. Will technology overtake humans?
  22. Is immigration a burden on host countries?
  23. Should immigration be stopped completely?
  24. Special privileges granted to ladies in the role of mothers.
  25. The online world is a dangerous place.
  26. Internet usage should be curtailed.
  27. Social media is really just behaving opposite to what people expect.
  28. Are video games a source of violence in real life?
  29. Can video games be termed as art forms?
  30. Is there any potential to learn through playing video games?
  31. Is music piracy for the good or for the worse?
  32. Torrents should be illegal.
  33. Scholarships should be provided with leniency.
  34. Healthcare is a human right.
  35. Why are certain healthcare systems superior?
  36. Are insurance companies more inclined to making money than serving people?
  37. A democratic system is the best system
  38. Is democracy really prevailing in society?
  39. Voting and bias
  40. Are smartphones too costly?
  41. The yearly release of mobile phones is a money-making tactic.
  42. Technology is the death of innovation
  43. Are online stores better than brick and mortar ones?
  44. Do you get your money’s worth from an online store?
  45. Is online dating blind luck.
  46. Will electronic transactions be replacing other forms?
  47. Break times should increase in schools
  48. Teachers should be given more autonomy to decide teaching methods.
  49. Are exams producing the right conclusion to judge students?
  50. Has the education system become mechanical?
  51. Can you turnaround genes with proper nurturing?
  52. Which parenting technique is superior?
  53. Are special education institutes hogging all the money?
  54. School dropout and the reason for its increase
  55. Is the media without any bias?
  56. Media is portraying too much negativity than it actually is.
  57. Charity should begin at home
  58. Capital punishment should be permanent.
  59. Is it moral to kill someone who has committed murder?
  60. The moral implications of not saving someone by putting yourself in jeopardy.
  61. Are physical books more personal than digital ones?
  62. Has technology removed emotions and the personal touch?
  63. Less homework on holidays.
  64. Tourism is the best source of foreign exchange
  65. Are evaluations tests really based on fairness?
  66. Co-education is better for students.
  67. Boarding school is a must
  68. Are women capable of handling everything men do?
  69. Dope tests for athletes.
  70. Should steroids be allowed in professional sports and entertainment?
  71. Shaun Connery was the best James bond.
  72. Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day
  73. The work hours should be reduced.
  74. Working at low-income organizations is a matter of pride
  75. Should merit decide the capability of people
  76. Does GPA have any worth in professional life?
  77. Is the newspaper the best source of knowledge and learning?
  78. When did Captain America become worthy?
  79. Do movie villains have the right motives?
  80. Is abstract art too abstract?

Well, now you must have something in mind when attempting the next assignment in terms of the topic. Argumentative essay topics are in vast quantities and choosing the best according to the situation is essential. You could get help from an expert essay writer to see which one would suit your style. There are certain essentials to the argumentative essay and you must have it in mind before attempting to write it.

  • You should have both the sides in mind when attempting the essay. The ins and outs should be known as only then you could present everything in a rational way without any bias involved.
  • Give more preference to your own side but do not forget to give some time to inspect the opposing mindset. Only that way you would be able to show that the other side might not be the most optimal one.
  • Follow the traditional rules of the essay starting with developing an outline and the thesis statement which would make your whole essay cohesive. Do not diverge from the main topic or you will suffer to prove anything. Construct well-established body paragraphs with topic sentences.
  • A strong introduction and a conclusion with some food for thought are mandatory for an essay to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Write, proofread, and submit for great grades. However, if you are still confused, you can ask a professional paper writing service to write a perfect argumentative essay at affordable rates.

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