If you want to make an Amazing Essay - Follow these Steps

So your professor just graded your essay and has given it back to you. What is the first thing that you notice? Obviously, you’ll notice your grades and if you can attain higher scores then you won’t even bother to look at the professor’s review. Even after getting lower scores you suddenly get disappointed and don’t bother to view the professor’s comments.

I know we all are guilty of this thing but believe me, your professor's reviews can help you a lot in nailing the art of essay writing. Are you worried that like many students you have also ignored professors' reviews in your previous essay and now you are again assigned the task to write an essay but you don’t wanna mess things up? If yes, then stop panicking because it is a bright new day out there and it’s never too late to learn the nitty-gritty of essay writing.

Don’t forget to see rubrics

If you are assigned a task to write an essay and you want to craft an incredible essay, then it is imperative that you first look at grading criteria and then according to that start working on your essay.

The rubrics will help you a lot in understanding what your professor wants to see in your essay and how much marks are allocated to every part of your essay. This way you can easily divide the word count and give preference to the portion of your essay that is allocated more marks.

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Thesis development

A thesis statement is the essence of your paper. It is the claim that you’ll be making or a point that you want to prove with the support of primary and secondary sources. Your whole essay will be revolving around your thesis statement therefore you must make a string clear and precise thesis statement to craft an amazing essay.

Your professor will evaluate your essay based on your thesis statement. They will look deep into every paragraph of your essay to closely examine how the paragraphs relate to the thesis statement.

Still unsure regarding the thesis statement? Well, ask yourself a few questions such as have I introduced my claim in the introductory paragraph? Is my claim valid and can it be argued? Does the body of my essay support the thesis statement? Is my essay conclusion proving the thesis? If your answer is yes, then congratulations you have crafted an effective thesis statement.

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Essay style

Your way of dressing can tell a lot about your personality. Similarly, your essay style reveals a lot about your writing and research skills. By using precise sentences and the usage of excellent vocabulary along with following all the writing conventions you can easily attain readers’ attention that will provide you essay help in securing good grades.

A good essay is one in which all your ideas flow in a logical manner and a conclusion that ties all the ideas together. Make sure that when you write an essay you take extra care of the placement of transition words since they can help you in attaining the logical flow.

Supporting evidence and references

It is true that through your essay readers are interested in reading your analysis and perspective regarding a specific topic. However, no one is interested in reading the claims that aren’t supported by evidence from authentic primary and secondary sources. Therefore, it is necessary to do proper research to gather data so that you can support your claims.

You are welcomed to use quotes and ideas from the resources but make sure to give proper credits to the authors. Even if you are taking content and paraphrasing it then again you must cite the sources and make a proper reference list at the end of your essay so that readers can easily track the sources.

Remember! Plagiarism is a crime therefore make sure that you give acknowledgment to the authors of the sources from where you have taken data or even an idea.

Stop faking

Readers are smart and they know when you are dragging a specific point just to reach the word limit. Similarly, they are keen observers and can observe with your essay whether you have full knowledge of your topic or not. Therefore, make sure that you understand your topic and have gathered enough data to support your claim.

Tip: wanted to gain readers' attention? Spice up your essay by starting it with a catchy hook that can either be a statistical fact or a quotation.

Proofread and edit

Are you familiar with writing conventions? If yes, then you must be aware of how these conventions can impact your essay. No one likes to read an essay that is full of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Proofreading your essay can facilitate a lot in highlighting the spellings, punctuations, and grammatical errors. Moreover, it can help you figure out the irrelevant content as well.

So don’t shy away from making corrections since it is better to highlight the errors and correct them before you submit your essay for grading. You can also ask others to write essay for me.

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