Important rhetorical strategies to enhance your stances in persuasive essays

Writing different types of essays, especially the persuasive one requires you to include the writing strategies which grabs the attention of the reader as well as helps them understand the logic better. A number of writing strategies are used by the writers in order to build the college essay in cohesiveness, effectiveness, and interest of the readers into their essays. If you are composing an essay that is meant to be persuasive then you must familiarize yourself with the rhetorical strategies. By now, you must have used a few of them. Here is a complete guide on the most commonly used persuasive strategies.

  1. 1. Ethos
  2. This strategy is an ethical fascination for the honesty, authenticity, and character of the writer. The writer is required to use only the authentic sources in order to belly or condiment and also cite them with their references. Moreover, you should state the counter position accurately. You can also build common ground with the audience during their beliefs and respecting them. Remember that grammatical mistakes can also affect your credibility.

  3. 2. Pathos
  4. A widely used rhetoric strategy is the emotional attraction known as pathos which corresponds to the emotional values and beliefs of a reader. However, when using this strategy, you must be careful to use it only in case it truly backs up your claim.

  5. 3. Logos
  6. This strategy creates an appeal to reason or logic. It depends on the application of deductive or inductive reasoning in your essay. If I were to write my essay, I would build my argument using this strategy. You can start with the main claim, and from it, draw a specific conclusion. Make sure to avoid logical fallacies when using this strategy.

  7. 4. Kairos
  8. This persuasive technique is used to convince the reader by placing pressure on time and place on them. You will find it mostly in business writings and essays in the form of discounts and sales. You do not have to scare the audience by any means but show the importance of your topic in such a way that they are able to see the reason to be convinced.

  9. 5. Alliteration
  10. It is the repetitive use of the beginning consonant sound of a phrase or a word. This produces the same effect as that of lyricism and the reader enjoys the essay with interest. For instance, ‘he hurried on his way home and forgot his hat’. In this example, the consonant sound of ‘h’ is used to direct the attention of the readers to the ‘hat’.

  11. 6. Amplification
  12. Amplification Is a type of persuasive strategy which develops on a sentence, word, or phrase while creating a feeling of intensity as well as urgency. Take a look at the following example:

    She wanted to buy a red dress with red shoes.

    The reputation of the word ‘red’ places an emphasis on the color.

  13. 7. Anacoluthon
  14. This strategy is employed to interject a spontaneous shift in opinions or to include irrelevant detail in a sentence. When composing a persuasive essay, remember to choose a strategy that suits the context the best. With this strategy, you can emphasize a topic or idea.

  15. 8. Anadiplosis
  16. This is another strategy used device where the identical word is employed at a sentence end and the start of next. It creates a Series of Thoughts that can be carried from one idea to another. Through this repetition, he approached the readers to follow the path of writers’ ideas easily.

  17. 9. Antanagoge
  18. With this strategy, the essay writer uses the negative as well as the positive statement together. One of the common uses of this target is to present the solution along with its problem in one sentence. Through this, the solution becomes more significant when discussed with its issue and it is easy for the reader to follow the importance of the matter.

  19. 10. Apophasis
  20. This Strategy is the same as that of a satirical essay in which you use irony or sarcasm to convey your idea. In this way, you can mention a statement while actually denying it. Sometimes when in an essay there is more than one opinion, the readers become lost. This strategy helps them to understand correctly.

  21. 11. Chiasmus
  22. It is a rhetorical strategy in which the writer modifies the order of phrases or words for creating a powerful feeling of emotion. When using eight you have to allow the listener to build an emotional connection to the topic and respond to it.

  23. 12. Euphemism
  24. Another rhetorical strategy is the use of a pleasant saying or phrase in order to convey something which is less pleasant or familiar. For instance, instead of using the term ‘ poor neighborhood’. This strategy offers a better look for your essay which convinces your reader immediately.

  25. 13. Hypophora
  26. You must have read essays where the writer asks a question and then answers it immediately. This is a rhetorical strategy used in many persuasive compositions.

  27. 14. Similes
  28. This is a very common rhetorical strategy used in many types of writings. In an essay where you have to convince your audience the use of comparison of two objects becomes very appealing.

When using any of these strategies for the first time, make sure that you go through the examples first. Once you know how it can be used, you will be able to use it more properly. Make sure that you don’t overuse a single technique throughout the essay. Go through the essay again to ensure that you have used the strategy properly.

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