A Book report - Chapter-wise Guide

Book reviews are the summarized analysis of any book be it fiction or nonfiction. It is a tricky thing to write a book report because here you have to cover the whole book i.e. themes, symbols, motifs, ideas everything within a words limit, hardly 300 to 600. Most often, college students are asked to write book reports. However, professionals also write them. Book reviews are published in journals, newspapers, and magazines. It helps students improve their communication and analytical skills.

If you are asked to write a chapter-wise report, keep these points in mind:

  • Chapter summary
  • Themes analysis
  • Character analysis
  • The setting of the story
  • Time and place

Chapter summary

This does not mean that you write the exact summary but you have to give your opinion of the story and state why the plot is unrealistic, compelling, interesting, etc. the best practice is to use quotes and examples from the text to bolster your claims. A good book report employs all the essay writing techniques and methods in making it effective. So, a good essay writer is likely to write a better and presentable book report.

Character analysis A Book report

Choose the characters in the chapter and analyze their physical and personality traits and how they affect the plot of the story. Explore positive characters or tragic flaws in the character. Also, critically analyze the dialogues and chronology of events.

Themes analyses

Focus on the main theme that runs throughout the chapter. Use quotes to show that it has been used in the chapter. Analyze the chapter from your own point of view and relate it to real-life experiences. Always make sure to summarize, compare and contrast and consider multiple perspectives while analyzing a book.

How to write a research report?

Research and outline your report

After having read the chapter thoroughly, go about it as the teacher asks. Mostly it depends upon the teacher what they actually want the student to do. For example, how much the student incorporates a summary and how long should be his personal analysis. Once the main focus is clear to you, then you must be on the lookout to give a thorough reading of those details and incorporate a holistic picture of them. By outlining, you draw a route map that helps develop the writing in the paper. It is almost the same as writing essays, where you do extensive research to develop and support your arguments. The more thorough the research, the better it is.

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Thorough reading

It is most important that you read the book with a fresh mind and full heart. For that, it is highly advisable to find a calm and comfortable corner free from any disturbances. It is always efficacious to read in stretches with breaks that help sharpen your brain. Reading in one setting often leads to boredom and mental lethargy, and the result is that your mind does not account for the minute details of the chapter. Do not rely on online summaries because they often give a cursory view without much analysis and interpretation. Also, if you have to write a chapter-wise book review where each chapter has its own themes and individual standing, an online summary accounts for a collective summary of the book, and individual chapter themes are overshadowed in the light of the whole book summary. So, for the chapter summary, always go through the chapter by yourself thoroughly. You can always consult an essay writing service for your academic assignments.

Quotes, examples, and evidence from the chapter

The more and logical the supporting material, the better is your claim. It does not mean that you should include as many quotes and examples as possible rather, it accounts for the inclusion of the most pertinent and opposite ones. This will not only bolster your claims but would also suggest that you have read the chapter thoroughly.

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