A comprehensive guide to narrowing down your research topic

Writing a research paper is a crucial part of academics and therefore students are often assigned to do this task. However, many students start to panic whenever they are asked to write a research paper since they aren’t sure how to write an effective research paper that can help them attain the chance to be in a spotlight while also facilitating them in getting good scores.

I know that even the term research paper sounds a bit intimidating but believe me with the right choice of topic you will feel that writing a research paper isn’t that tough though. Although, regardless of the topic you pick you are required to go through a multitude of authentic sources to collect data, pick a specific methodology and then interpret results if the scope of the research problem you have picked is easy to comprehend then believe me you can also craft an effective paper.

Whether you got the task to investigate a general issue or you are given various problems to study or even you are allowed to pick a topic of your own it is necessary to narrow down the scope of your research so that you can handle all the technical aspects of the topic and adequately address the research question within the given deadline.

You must be wondering why I am emphasizing so much about narrowing down the topic of your research paper. Well, the answer is pretty simple. When you pick a topic that is too broad then you will be able to find tons of information about the topic and you will be confused about what information to add and what to skip. Secondly, picking a broad topic will hinder you from developing a clear framework to inspect the research question and you won’t be able to find sufficient parameters to define the research problem and methods to analyze it.

If you are looking for a few tips to narrow down your research topic, then this guide will surely serve as a helpful source. So follow the tips below to narrow down your research question so that you can also craft an incredible research paper or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Ask questions

Have you picked a broad topic? If yes, then to narrow it down you need to ask a few questions. Let’s suppose you have a topic in your mind and that topic is workplace burnouts. You need to ask the following questions to narrow it down.

Who? Workplace burnout is a general topic you need to define who faces this issue. For instance, you can narrow it down to corporate employees’ workplace burnouts.

What? Be more specific. For instance, you can discuss factors that cause workplace burnouts among corporate employees

Why?Make your topic more precise by highlighting one major factor. For instance, stress causes workplace burnouts among corporate employees

Where? Of course, you can’t comprise the data of all the corporate sector employees in your research paper so you need to be more precise. For instance, you can refine the topic as stress causes workplace burnouts among corporate employees in California.


After you have selected a topic it is necessary to define or pick one lens through which you’ll be analyzing the topic. For instance, in the topic stress causes workplace burnouts among corporate employees you need to be more specific. Analyze one factor that leads to causing stress among corporate employees. For instance, you can redefine the topic that increasing workload is causing stress among corporate employees at workplaces.


By now you have already picked a topic that isn’t too broad but you can further narrow it down by narrowing down by determining if your initial variable or the main point of your analysis can further be divided into little hunks. For instance, in the topic you can increase workload is causing stress among corporate employees at workplaces can be narrowed down to increase workload is causing stress among females’ corporate employees at workplaces.


Your way of gathering information can make a significant difference in narrowing down your topic. For instance, in the topic to increase workload is causing stress among females corporate employees at workplaces you can simply use case studies to support your claims or you can conduct an experiment yourself by allocating females to different groups based on their designation and then measure the stress levels. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.


When you are assigned a task to write a research paper usually professors give you sufficient time to submit the paper since they are familiar with the hard work that goes behind writing an effective essay. However, without proper planning, you may not be able to turn in your paper on time. Therefore, while narrowing down your topic make sure that you can cover all the details within the given time.

Look for a research paper example online and you’ll see how a research paper contains several headings and how each heading is explained properly and every claim is supported by either primary or secondary sources. Therefore, make sure that the topic you pick is narrowed enough so that you can adequately answer the research question.

If you are in crunch time and aren’t able to craft an effective research paper, then I suggest you hire a professional writer via an authentic write my paper service and say goodbyes to all your worries.

A professional essay writer can not only help you out in narrowing down your topic but can even craft a research paper and can also proofread it to ensure that your paper is error-free.

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