A Deep View over Types of Essays with Writing Tips

Are you freaking out because you are assigned an online essay writing task and you aren’t familiar with the nitty-gritty of essay writing?

Are you panicking since you don’t want to lose your grades just because you aren’t able to turn up an exceptional essay?

If your answer is affirmative to the above question, then let me tell you something. Every student has been through this. Most often students have even wondered to ask someone to help them with this daunting task. If you are also one of those who have secretly wished to possess a genie so that you can command it to write my paper free of cost then I know your struggle.

I know it is frustrating to look at the prompt again and again and still not figuring out what to write and how to write. You must be wondering why you can’t come up with good ideas and why you can’t write an effective essay. Well, the answer is pretty simple. You aren’t able to determine the essay type or you ignore the essay type due to which you get low scores in your essay.

If you are struggling to figure out the essay type, then don’t worry because I have the solutions to all your problems. This guide will walk you through the different essay types along with a few writing tips that can help you nail the art of writing essays that will facilitate you in attaining good grades.

Expository essay

Do you like a scavenger hunt in which you follow clues, develop ways and ideas, and then apply your knowledge to find solutions? If yes, then believe me you will enjoy a lot writing an expository essay. In this type, an essay writer is required to explore and investigate an idea, look for relevant evidence, and come up with an argument and further elaborate it.


  • Be clear and concise
  • Analyze the topics from various perspectives
  • Explain everything but make sure you support your claims with evidence taken from either primary or secondary sources.

Bonus tips

  • Usually, an expository essay comprises several details that can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, to spice things up start your essay with a catchy hook. All you need to do is to start with either a quote or a statistical fact or even with a question. This way you can immediately grab readers’ attention.
  • Make sure that while you transition from one paragraph to another you are explaining the same idea from various perspectives.

Descriptive essay

Wanna know the secret of how words can create a beautiful picture? If yes, then read a descriptive essay on any topic and you will see how the combination of words can create a vivid picture in readers’ minds. In a descriptive essay, you are required to share the characteristics or traits of people. You may also describe yourself or any incident that is significant to you and voila you are done writing a descriptive college essay. See it wasn’t that tough.


  • While you are describing make sure to play with all the senses of readers such as taste, smell, appearance, etc.
  • Give a bit of background information as well so that readers can connect with the topic easily

Bonus tip

  • Don’t overly use descriptions since it may frustrate the readers rather be clear and precise.

Narrative essay

Who doesn’t like to listen to stories? Of course, everyone does. Since childhood, we have been fond of listening to stories. In academics, a narrative essay is also a type of essay in which you need to tell a story. You can share anything about yourself or an incident that reshaped your life or a learning experience.


  • Make sure that your essay has a proper plot, climax, conflict, and a conclusion. You need to tell the readers about the settings and characters in detail.
  • Don’t forget to give background information since the readers know nothing about yourself or your characters

Bonus topics

  • Try including sensory and emotional details so the readers can easily connect with your story.
  • Spice up things by starting an essay with a confession or a shocking revelation but don’t be too intimidating. Make sure that the tone of your essay is polite.

Argumentative essay

Convincing people is hard however if you have evidence to support your claims then you can win the battle. Similarly, in an argumentative essay, you are required to present arguments in the favor or against something and support your claims with the help of primary and secondary sources.


  • Make sure that in your thesis statement you let the readers know what side of the argument you’ll be favoring so that they know what they can expect from your essay.

Bonus tips

  • While you will be giving arguments make sure that you present counter-arguments as well so that readers can decide themselves what side they’ll be favoring.

I hope that the above guide helps you in understanding the essay types. Before you start the writing process make sure that you create an outline because it will help you a lot in organizing your ideas. This way you won’t end up with an essay where all your ideas are scattered and don’t make sense.

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