A Descriptive Essay Example on a Beautiful Place

Have you been asked to write a descriptive essay on the most beautiful place you have seen? Are you worried that you would not be able to find any information about the topic because the place in your mind is not very famous? Does writing an essay on a beautiful place that you have visited recently sound intimidating to you? Well, you do not have to worry. It is an easy task, probably the easiest task in essay writing. An essay writer does not have to worry about gathering information by doing hours of research on the internet. You do not have to worry about the validity and strength of your arguments. You do not have to worry about having bad analytical skills. You do not have to be persuasive or anything. You only need good writing skills to write a stellar descriptive essay on a beautiful place.

How to write a descriptive essay?

It is one of the easiest types of essays. In writing a descriptive essay, you have to use all of your senses to grasp all the feelings of being at that place. Thereafter, you have to paint a picture of that place with your words. Reading your essay, the reader should feel that he/she has been teleported to that particular place. Moreover, they could easily visit that place by simply closing their minds and peeping through the imaginary window of their mind.

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How to write a descriptive essay on a beautiful place?

It is one thing to write a descriptive essay on an event or a problem and another thing to write one on a beautiful place on earth. In the former, you can gather information about the topic on the internet, however, in the latter, you have to write the essay based on your visit to that place. If the place happens to be a famous one like Niagara Falls, K2 base camp, or Nanga Parbat, etc. you can look up for some information on the internet. However, if the beautiful place that you are writing an essay on happens to be a remote lake that no one knows about, or a sunset place near your house, or a camping site from your childhood, you might not be able to find information on the internet. Therefore, you have to look up for some descriptive essay examples to get a sense of how to write your experience in words, how to paint a picture of a beautiful place. Here is an example of a descriptive essay on a beautiful place on earth. You can look at it to understand how you can describe the beautiful place in your mind in words.

Descriptive essay on a beautiful place

Is there a heaven on earth? I question myself as I am laying on my back, with my feet buried in the sand. I quickly think that if there is a heaven on earth then probably I am in it right now. Sun is shining in the sky and the sunlight is making seawater that stretches to the limits of view look spectacular. The cool breeze is making my dress and long hair flutter. The sound of water waves and the sea water splashing on the beach coupled with sounds of chirping birds in the forest on my back is the best music one could ever hear. I am sitting away from the crowded place on the beach. There are not many people around me, so I can fully immerse myself in nature. I am feeling like a bird and I think if I moved my arms up and down I might have started flying. The chirping birds, the cool breeze, the sunset, happy faces, and the sailing boat makes me believe that this place might be the heaven of the entire cosmos.

In addition to the natural beauty of the place, what really made it more appealing for me was the happy faces. Firstly I was sitting among the crowd, everyone was so happy as if we were living in a utopia. No one is worried about anything, all are living in the moment, trying to take it all in. I had zoned out myself, I felt like flying over the place and getting happier by seeing happy faces. At that time, a soccer ball hit me and a young kid was coming to me with a fading smile on his face. Most likely, he was wondering if I am going to be angry about the ball hitting me but of course I was not. As I stood up and slowly kicked the ball towards the kid and asked him to pass me again, he giggled. Soon he went to play with his family and I started moving away from the crowd.

As time passes, the sun starts to set in. The setting sun is doing wonders on the seawater and above on the sky. After the changing colors, as the sun almost dives into the sea, the stars start to emerge in the sky, as if they were hiding from the sun. The sea birds are also flying to their homes. Many of the families have also started packing up their stuff and many. As the darkness is creeping up, the air starts to get chillier. I picked up my jacket, stood up, and wore it. Before leaving, I close my eyes and try to save the scenic view in my memory. I start moving away with the thought that perhaps it is heaven on earth. If you are unsure about your writing skills, get help from an essay writing service now.

You can look up for some other examples of descriptive essays on the most beautiful place to get an idea about how to write your thoughts in words. To gather the information, you can close your eyes and try to remember all the things, the smallest details about the place. You should take notes about everything that you remember. You can also remember many new things after reading college essay examples or you can ask others to write my essay.

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