A Detailed Argumentative Essay Outline - Guide

Composing an argumentative essay can be tough especially when you know a little about the college essay type or topic. If you are a beginner, you must understand that an argumentative essay requires you to conduct extensive research and read the sample as well as guidelines. For this reason, here is a complete guide outline for an argumentative essay.

  1. 1) Introductory Paragraph

    Like any other type of essay, this essay also contains the introductory paragraph as its first section. It will set the context for your argument as well as offer background information to the audience. At the end of this paragraph, there is a thesis statement that describes your arguments or, in simpler words, the purpose of the essay. When composing the thesis statement, state the issue and then your position on it. Also include the reasons for which you chose a specific position on the problem.

    Make sure that the wording of it is clear for the reader to understand and it must include the emphatic language. If you are not aware of what emphatic language is, words like ‘must’, ‘should’, and ‘ought’ represent emphatic language. Read a few sample thesis statements to get a better idea.

  2. 2) Main Body for Your Argument

    The main part of the essay is the body where the whole argument is stated and supported by evidence. The given argumentative essay outline is general and will remain the same for any topic you are assigned. All you have to include the main points in place of the instructions here. The body paragraph will contain the following information.

    1. a) 1st Body Paragraph
      1. Topic sentence
      2. claim
      3. Evidence
    2. b) 2nd Body Paragraph
      1. Topic sentence
      2. claim
      3. Evidence
    3. c) 3rd Body Paragraph
      1. Topic sentence
      2. claim
      3. Evidence
    4. Now let's take a look at the breakdown of these components of each of your argument paragraphs.

      1. i) Topic Sentence

        This will introduce the claim into the essay in one line while describing it perfectly. An essay writer does not have to write very fancy words or complex structures for the sentences. Instead, write the topic sentence in a clear manner and then go into the details. After the topic sentence, you can include the background information if you think that the readers need to know more about the claim.

      2. ii) Claim

        Then place your claim in an explanatory approach into your paragraph. At this time, the reader must understand that based on your background information, you have taken a position that relates and backs up your main argument.

      3. iii) Evidence

        Next, you have to state all the reasons or evidence you have gathered from the research to support his claim. When conducting the research into individual claims, you will find a number of research articles or other types of sources. Sometimes you might not find the direct sources but if you search for the relevant information from the research you will be able to gather sufficient evidence.

        Make sure to include all the evidence in order to back up your position. If your argument is quite lengthy, then you can devote more than one paragraph for each type of evidence found for that claim. This may happen if you choose a broad topic and the claims made are also broad in nature.

        There are various types of evidence which you can include in your essay. You can use the first-hand experiential knowledge and examples. These can be particular examples so that the readers can connect the topic in a better way which they could not previously because of the abstract ideas. You can also use the opinions from credible and recognized authorities, for example, information or statistics from the government documents. Another good approach is to use the three logical appeals that also includes the evidence types that you can employ.

    5. d) Contradicting side
      1. Topic sentence
      2. claim
      3. Evidence

        The pattern is similar to the argument body paragraph, but you have to rebut it this time.

    6. e) Conclusion

      Here you summarize all the key points as well as reinforce the ideas.

In an argumentative essay, the best approach is to include at least two to three claims which mean that it requires at least two to three body paragraphs for your argument. However, this solely depends on the word count allotted to you. If you have a big word count, you can increase the number of the claims and thus, the number of body paragraphs containing your argument. The pattern for the additional argument paragraphs will remain the same.

Make sure that the requirement for each of them is fulfilled. If you lack evidence for a claim from the research, then be sure to include the support for that claim. In case, you don’t have any credible source or research evidence to support the claim then you should not include that claim in your essay.

Remember that the outline is essential to any type of essay but when it comes to the argumentative essay, it becomes even more important. It is because there are certain important elements that must be included but students forget them when they compose the essay. So to make sure that you do not get lost in the argument and forget any important point, construct an outline as you conduct the research.

You can also gather the main points from your research into your outline so make the composition process even easier. Also, create the references for the sources and include them in your outline. This tip really comes handy if you are on a short deadline. Moreover, you can also get professional assistance from a paper writing service at affordable rates.

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