A guide to using humor in making your college narrative essay interesting and engaging

Everyday conversations carry humor as an integral part but it is not as easy to include in an essay. Even though it is difficult, it captures the attention of readers in no time making the whole essay interesting for them. If you have written essays that are based on humor, then you must know that this is not an easy task. While including the humorous details in the essay, students make many mistakes that zeros the impact of the whole college essay. Here is a complete guide tool that you can easily use for yourself if you are interested in using humor to make your essay interesting and engaging.

What is the Purpose?

Remember that including some humor into your essay should not be about becoming a comedian. Rather the goal here is to improve the writing style by incorporating various writing tools including humor. All you have to do is take a light-hearted approach to compose your essay instead of making it rigid.

How to include Humor?

You must be wondering how you can include humor into you yet convey your points to the readers in an effective manner. Here are some tools which you can use in order to put the humor to work for you.


You may think this is strange but actually it is true. The words that have k sound 10 to appear funny to the human brain. For instance, quintuplet, and Cadillac. On the other hand, the words which have the sound of a hard g like Guacamole are famous for creating a grin. Many comedy writers use this rule in their writings. This is a very subtle way to include a touch of humor to your writing and this can be actually used by amateurs.

The rule of three

A common method used by the comedy essay writer says that they first established a pattern through the setup and then misdirect their readers with a punch line. This may not be really easy for a beginner but there is an easy way to do so. You can pair two similar ideas in a list and then include a third idea that is not congruent to them. Example of it can be as follows:

How to lose weight in three easy steps:

  1. Eat less.
  2. Exercise more.
  3. Rent an anti-gravity chamber

As you can see, it is a flexible way to include humor in your essay naturally. You can use this tool in your introduction.

Including funny stories and anecdotes

You must have tried this many times when writing an essay even when in school. Remember the time when you were assigned to write a personal narrative essay which was based on an embarrassing story or a funny experience. Now in that essay, you must focus completely on that story or another but here you are required to use that only for comedy effect. Do not focus on it rather use it to grab the attention of your readers and then convey the actual meaning of your writing. In this way, your actual purpose of educating your readers will not be defeated but you will still have the attention of the readers.

The comparison jokes

In your essays, you must have included a ton of metaphors. Think of the comparison jokes and using metaphors that are specially used in order to create a comedy effect. To do so all you have to do is brainstorm metaphors and then select the funniest which will be relevant to your writing.

The cliché jokes

Another common technique is to use misdirection in your writing for including a comedy element. You can do this well by using faces which a reader already knows. You can use different mediums for this purpose but do not restrict yourself to idioms rather think outside the box. You can use a piece of famous literature, Titan catchphrase, or lyrics for this purpose.

Remember to use all tips in a strategic manner and use it sparingly unless you are writing on a funny topic. It is understandable that writing humor excites the writers but not every writer is able to include it in the writing well. So, some teachers assign students a task to write essays that are based on humor. If you find yourself in trouble When writing such an essay then you can take help from a good essay writing service available online. You can get a sample, outline, proofreading services, or even a whole essay written to perfection. You can also take a look at the samples available online to get an idea of how your essay should look like.

Now with all these details, tips, and tricks, you must know how to use humor in your college essay. Remember that adding humor is an advantage, but if you do not do it properly then it will be causing a negative impact on the reader. In addition to this makes sure that you prove to feed your essay before submitting it to your teacher. Revise it to make sure that every time you use humor it is not offensive. If you think that you cannot be a judge of that then you can take help from a friend. So many times, we are not able to find mistakes in our own writings but you are critical when reading another person's writing. Lastly, you might not be able to include the best humor in the first try but if you keep practicing you will be able to do it perfectly.

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