A handpicked list of topics for a criminology research paper

We all have seen a multitude of criminal investigation TV series and have pretended to become a detective in real life. However, many students who have a passion to learn more about criminal investigations, criminal patterns, types of crimes and criminals get themselves associated with the field of criminology.

Are you a student and taking a criminology course? If yes, then you must have been assigned a task to write a college essay or research paper since it is the essential requirement of the class. I know that after being assigned a task to write a research paper students start to panic and therefore end up choosing the wrong topic that can cost them their grades.

Remember! The topic of the research paper can make or break it for an essay writer since it is the first thing that readers notice. Therefore, it is imperative that you chose the topic wisely. Typically, students in an attempt to impress the professors, choose a topic that they have no background information about and that are difficult to comprehend. The result is that they can’t handle the technical aspects of the topic and lose the chance of attaining good grades.

If an essay writer is also struggling to find criminology research paper topics, then I am here to help him out. Below are a few topics that are not only interesting but easy to comprehend. All you have to do is skim through them and find the topic that you like the most and is also as per the instructions of your professor.

So what are you still waiting for? Remember! time is money and writing a research paper needs a lot of time and effort. So don’t waste your time and dive into the pool of topics.

  • Capital punishment: ethical concerns
  • Racial discrimination during criminal investigation
  • How ethnicity matters in a criminal investigation?
  • What are biological theories of crime
  • What is classical criminology?
  • Explain convict criminology?
  • What are the different criminal justice theories?
  • Is criminality a product of culture?
  • How are crime doings associated with the personal objectives of the offender?
  • What is the notion behind linking crime doings with the social response?
  • What is the crime classification system?
  • How crime reporting impacted the ways people use to see criminals?
  • Does crime mapping impact crime incidents?
  • What are the most common crimes on college campuses?
  • Child abuses: causes and consequences
  • How prejudice motivates violence?
  • Types of crimes?
  • Difference between organized and high-tech crimes
  • Human trafficking
  • Sex offense: types, prevalence, and prevention
  • How to prevent human trafficking?
  • Medical marijuana: a leak?
  • Importance of eyewitnesses’ evidence
  • Mental hospitals and the code of laws
  • Criminal ethnic history
  • Benefits of private prisons
  • Pitfalls of private prisons
  • Behavioral therapies to treat juvenile offenders
  • Gun control: an effective way to deter crimes
  • Criminal justice laws in the US
  • Children’s exposure to violence
  • Children’s exposure to violent crimes
  • Drunk driving and its association with murder
  • Violence and mental health
  • Feminist criminology
  • Dysfunctional families and their association with crime
  • Violence and crime
  • Impact of torture on criminals
  • The use of torture on violent criminals
  • Does examining criminal behavior reduce crime rates?
  • Does criminal behavior study help to catch criminals?
  • History of criminology
  • What crimes are most common for what ages?
  • What is the connection between law violations and citizenship?
  • Criminology as an element of social science
  • Does a lack of employment opportunities to deter crimes
  • Gender and its association with violent crimes?
  • How to reduce economic crimes?
  • Incarcerated parents and their responsibilities
  • White-collar crimes
  • Organized crimes vs single cases
  • Hate crimes
  • Causes of police brutality
  • How to spot victims of domestic abuse?
  • Rape and rapists
  • Serial killers
  • Is the media the reason behind the elevation of crimes?
  • Identity theft and its association with social media
  • What is the difference between a homicide and murder?
  • Patterns of kidnappers
  • Insanity and the law
  • False accusation
  • Planted evidence in criminal investigations
  • Causes of terrorism
  • The motivation behind hate crimes
  • Motivation behind terrorism
  • Cyber criminology
  • Child maltreatment and criminal behavior
  • The portrayal of domestic abuse in media
  • The portrayal of robbery in media
  • Impact of media on teens minds

That list was way too long. I know it is hard to pick a topic from a multitude of topics. However, if you narrow down your interests then you’ll find it easy to pick a topic.

If you have already selected the topic before you kick start the writing process let me tell you the nitty-gritty of writing an effective criminology research paper. The first tip is to analyze the topic from various perspectives and then start gathering the data. Make sure that you have selected the authentic sources to gather data since you will be graded upon your research skills.

Once you are done gathering data it is the time to create a thesis statement. It is necessary that you create a precise and clear thesis statement and then use supporting evidence to back up your claims. An effective way to nail the art of writing a criminology research paper is to create an outline first and then start the writing process.

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