A handpicked list of transition words and phrases that professional writers use

Do you want to write like professional writers? Have you ever been critiqued for not writing smoothly or for lacking coherence? Has your teacher ever suggested you use transition words? Do you want to write your arguments or thoughts in a fluent way? Do you want to write an exceptional essay? Do you want to increase the readability of your essays? If you are nodding your head in yes, you must start using transition words in your writing. Hey, hang on! Where were you going? I did not ask you to go and start writing now, you have to first learn and understand the appropriate usage of transition words and phrases. Otherwise, you will be using the, inappropriately, and too frequently, which would be counterproductive. Do not go anywhere, until you finish reading this blog. We will be discussing what transition words are, what is their purpose, how can you start using them in your essays, and in the end, we will look at various categories of transition words and phrases. Or you can ask others to write essay for me.

What are transition words?

These are words, phrases, and sentences that are used by writers to connect different ideas and thoughts. These are used to develop a powerful link between different arguments. These help you increase the readability of your paper. Their appropriate use helps you increase the coherence of your thoughts and ideas. These help the readers to follow the train of their thoughts. They allow an essay writer and speaker to deliver their thoughts in a logically organized way. These are like conjunctions. These are an essential part of both writing and speech. You are only able to present your thoughts and ideas with clarity and fluency by the appropriate use of transition words and essays. They act as bridges and develop a link and relationship between different ideas and thoughts.

When you should work on your transitions?

There is no specific time to work on one’s transition. Mastering the use of transition would help you no matter at which stage you are. No matter if you are a high school student, college student, master’s student, or a professional worker, you can learn the use of transition at any stage and they would be very helpful. In school and colleges, students should learn transition words for essays, if they want to get A-grade in their assignments. For professionals who do not have to write at their work, the transition would help them to present their views and thoughts fluently and clearly before their fellows and bosses. There are also a few signs that indicate that one needs to work on their transitions.

  • If your teacher has been telling you that your essay or any other written assignment was “choppy,” “abrupt,” “lack coherence,” “needs to develop a smooth flow,” or “how one idea is related to another.”
  • The readers tell you that it is hard for them to follow your thoughts on the paper.
  • When the reader tells you that they were not able to link your one argument with another.
  • When you have a habit of writing your essay in part and then joining them together.
  • When you are to work on a group assignment.

Types of transition words and phrases

There are different types of transition words, for different purposes. You should keep a list of all transition words on your study table and then while writing you should use appropriate keywords in the right place. Below I have divided transition words into different categories, however, you should know that some words belong to more than one category. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

Agreement and addition transition words

These types of transition words are used to indicate agreement with a statement. They are also used to add things or information to the argument. They are also used to introduce similar topics and information in the text.

  • In the first place
  • In addition to that
  • Correspondingly
  • Again
  • Also
  • Equally important
  • Not only…. but bt also
  • Furthermore
  • Likewise
  • Too
  • Similarly
  • Identically
  • Coupled with
  • No to mention
  • Indeed

Opposition and contradictory transition words

These are used to present contradictory views and arguments. They are used to smoothly introduce the viewpoint of the opposition and to offer alternative options to the readers.

  • In contrast
  • Conversely
  • Unlike
  • Despite
  • In reality
  • still
  • However
  • Regardless
  • Albeit
  • On the other hand
  • Although
  • Yet
  • Of course…but
  • Instead
  • Otherwise

Cause and condition transition words

These are used to present any condition or intentions behind the actions or words. These are used to clearly state the intentions and the potential causes of the action.

  • As long as
  • Owing to
  • Provide that
  • If…so
  • whenever
  • Due to
  • Because of that
  • Only if
  • While
  • In as much as
  • Whether
  • Out of fear
  • unless
  • in the hope that

Example and support transition words

These are used to give various examples or to show your support for a thing. These are also used to put more emphasis on an argument. These are appropriate to use to illustrate the importance of something.

  • Indeed
  • Certainly
  • In this case
  • For example
  • Such as
  • In fact
  • Of course
  • This is to say that
  • To clarify
  • Truly
  • Particularly
  • Especially
  • Must be remembered

Effect and consequence transition words

These are used to refer to the effects of a particular thing or action.

  • As a result
  • Thus
  • Consequently
  • For this reason
  • For the sake of
  • Henceforth
  • Because of
  • Due to
  • Thereupon

Conclusion and summary of transition words

These are used in the last concluding paragraphs of the essay. These are used to sum up a discussion or conclude one.

  • To sum up
  • To conclude
  • Therefore
  • Long story short
  • In brief
  • Overall
  • In either case
  • In other words

Remember! Too much of everything is a disaster. Never use too many transitions, it’s counterproductive. Remember, you can always consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you.

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