A list of handpicked sociology topics to make your search easier

With great power comes great responsibility. Similarly, if you are given the leverage to find a topic for your essay yourself then your responsibility increases since you have to pick a topic that is easy to comprehend, matches according to your professor’s requirements and is as per your interest.

Specifically, discussing sociology topics, it is not worthy to mention that students aren’t able to choose the right topic. Most often students pick a topic that is either too broad or too narrow to cover all details. Thus, they end up receiving lower grades.

Human beings are considered as social creatures since they can’t live in solace. The society serves as an opportunity to share our perspectives and learn various things from others. The complexities of various aspects of society and social issues have gained the interest of many researchers and therefore a lot of research papers are available online that comprise various social problems.

Similarly, many professors want their students to learn more about society and discuss various issues from their perspective and present opinions on how to resolve them. Therefore, they assign them a task to write a college essay on various essay topics regarding social issues.

Whether or not you are taking a sociology class you’ll be asked to write a multitude of essays on sociological topics. Although, when assigned with a task to write an essay on sociology topics, students hit the internet and randomly pick a topic without giving it a second thought which is one of the biggest mistakes.

Remember! Sociology is a very field and therefore before you dive into the list of topics you must keep in mind a few simple tricks to pick an effective topic. The first tip is to define your area of interest and test your knowledge about the societal issue. Secondly, ask yourself a few questions such as what is the issue that you feel must be given more attention? What are the factors that cause a specific issue? Solutions to resolve the issue and etc.

Once you are done answering these questions you’ll have an insight on what major issue you want to discuss and then you narrow down the topic as per your professor’s instructions. If you are looking for some ideas, then I have shortlisted a list of topics for you and categorize them as well so that an essay writer can easily pick the one that he feels he can easily write an effective essay.

Social media

  • How does social media facilitate the hiring process?
  • Compare and contrast Twitter and Facebook
  • Is social media a reliable source of information?
  • What is cyberbullying?
  • Social media and its association with the view on body image

Children and Teens

  • How does homeschooling impact the well-being of a child?
  • What are the reasons for elevated rates of teen suicide?
  • Sex education should be made mandatory in schools
  • Impact of social media on teens behavior
  • Impact of sports on children’s mental health

Race and ethnicity

  • Racial segregation throughout history
  • What is the correlation between race and class?
  • Racial stereotypes and impacts on people’s mental health
  • Do racial stereotypes impact self-perception?
  • What are the main factors that cause racial unrest and police brutality?


  • The portrayal of women in today’s media
  • How celebrities are presented in the media?
  • Impact of advertisements on consumer behavior
  • Sexuality and Disney movies
  • Reality TV shows and its impact on teens mental health

Gender and sexuality

  • Women in the workplace
  • Inequality in wages based on gender
  • Gender stereotypes in mass media
  • The feminist revolution
  • Homosexuality and its portrayal in the media

Social movements

  • Feminism
  • Nazism and its impact on people
  • #Blacklivesmatter movement
  • Human rights
  • Fairtrade movement

Cults and religious groups

  • Catholics and Antoinism
  • Association of Islam with terrorism
  • Religion as a cause of war
  • Judaism
  • Heaven’s gate

Class conflicts

  • Geographical segregation in America
  • Correlation between wealth and race
  • Taxes and wages
  • Parenting styles and class
  • Schools in low-income neighborhoods

Family and relationships

  • Cross-racial adoption
  • Single parenting
  • Teenage pregnancies
  • Impact of parent’s divorce on children
  • Impact of parents on a child’s behavior

General topics

  • Is America a melting pot?
  • Immigration and assimilation
  • Impact of immigrants on the country’s economy
  • How disabled people are portrayed in the media?
  • Youth and social media
  • Harassment and bullying on social media sites
  • Social media and its association with narcissism
  • Is social media making us feel lonely?

That list was very long. I know it is a bit overwhelming to skim through the list of topics but believe me all you need is a clear mindset and you are ready to pick a topic. If you have selected a topic then I suggest you start gathering relevant data and then develop an outline so that you can properly organize all your ideas and attain cohesion. Once you are done with outlining it is the time to start writing your essay.

If you haven’t picked a topic yet, then I suggest you hurry up. If I were you I would stop procrastinating and start looking for topic ideas since there is no use of turning your essay late. However, if you are occupied with multiple deadlines then I believe that you should take help from a paper writing service because essay writing is a task that requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is better to take help than to submit a vague essay. All you have to do is share the details of your task with the writing service and your work will be delivered to you in no time.

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