A Quick Formula to Write an Amazing College Application Essay – Guide

The college admission process is always filled with excitement, curiosity, worries, and some challenges. It requires submission of an admission form with previous academic records and other personal details. After submitting all the documents students get busy to impress college officers through their college essays. These college essays help the institutes to check various things like writing skills, persuasive skills, command on the language, and personality reflection of the candidates. Therefore, college essays play an important role for the students as well as institutes during the admission process.

If you are going to take admission in college then you will also be asked for writing an essay on a specific topic. You cannot say write my paper to anyone because the college essay must reflect your thoughts and personality. Even if you take help from someone he must know all the personal details about you so that your essay can be written perfectly. You have to keep your focus on the following components while writing your college application essay.

Instructions are the Foundation

Every institute has its customized criteria and expectations that they want to check through the college application essay. Students believe that the writing part is difficult but if they understand the requirements or instructions of the essay carefully they can easily complete this task. It is mandatory to follow the instructions because it put an impression on the college management.

If you fail to fulfill the essay requirements then college officers might think that you are not eligible. It is because according to them you can also ignore the policy or direction of the institute’s program just like essay instructions. Therefore, don’t put a bad impression on the college officers and get cleared with the guideline of the essay.

Don’t Underestimate the Opening

An excellent essay can be difficult but it is not impossible for anyone. If you know someone from the journalism field then you should take help from them. Journalists or media persons understand how to grab the attention of the audience. They will help you to start your essay with some eye-catching details. Your introduction and opening sentences should be interesting and smartly written.

This is important because thousands of students apply for college admission and college officers might not get time to read the entire essay so your starting line should be precise and concise to get the attention of the officers. We recommend you to start your essay with some hook in the form of personality reflection, a shocking statement, or an interesting story to tell who you are.

Consider Your Inner Voice

One of the basic points that can increase the chances of an excellent college essay is the collection of thoughts. College officers mostly notice the quality of thoughts and authenticity of the writer’s ideas. Therefore, always come up with new ideas and word selection rather than using information and phrases that people commonly use. If you are not confident to impress college officers and can’t express your determination towards the institute and chosen program then you can take help from a paper writing service. Professional writers of such service know how to reflect the ambitions and skills of the client in the essay to showcase their future goals.

Beware of Clichés

Students read lots of essays before starting their own. Essay examples are good for improving writing skills as it helps to understand the structure, logic, format of the college essay but sometimes students get impressed by some of the work. Students at this point use someone else’s ideas or patterns that can create clichés. You should know that thousands of candidates will send their essays for selection and many of them might read the same example to take essay guidance. Therefore, you need to be extra careful and should not make this mistake.

When you write your essay, notice if you have used someone else’s example without creativity. Omit the sentences or part of the essay that you feel like a cliché and add some new or original words in your essay.

Use Best Evidence to Represent Your Idea

A college application essay is a combination of general information and your view about the world. It means you have to use facts and knowledge with the mind works that show your thinking and perception about life and the world. It becomes difficult to insert your ideas in general information. However, this is the real task and most importantly you have to stick to the topic.

For the purpose start with your idea and thinking then justify it with some facts or examples and relate both with the topic. An example can be formal evidence or your personal life experience. In this way, you can easily reflect your personality without dragging from the main topic.

Clarity is Must

A college essay is a combination of both formal and informal language. You have to write as a first-person but you cannot be much informal. Therefore, it becomes a little difficult to be precise at some points. However, your entire essay should be connected and cleared for the college officers. You should use easy but strong vocabulary that can give meaning to your essay. Wordiness and confusing sentences can decrease the quality of your essay. Therefore, check the word-count requirement for the essay and cover everything in it.

Also, follow the correct format and structure of the essay. All institutes assign you a specific essay format like APA or MLA depending on your chosen program. Learn about formatting and complete your essay in a well-structured manner.

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