A Quick Overview on Various Types of Essays - Basic Guide

A Quick Guide and Overview of Various Types of Essays:

An essay confers, describes, or evaluates one topic. It may illustrate, indirectly or directly, personal opinions or factual information. The topic can be discussed in a serious or humorous tone, with any perspective but usually, essays are written in the first person or third person's perspective. Essays are linear and offer a single idea at a time, so they must be structured according to the reader's logic. Cohesion and coherence are necessary to produce a strong essay.

First of all, choose a suitable topic and research it to get thorough information about your topic of interest. Now state a hypothesis and create effective arguments and overcome the obstacles faced in writing.

An essay is usually consisting of a typical structure which is an introduction, body of the essay, and conclusion. A brief observation or information about what the essay is going to be about is stated in the introduction section; it is an important section because it gives the direction to the entire essay. Basically, it is written to grab the attention of the reader. Its place is fixed, an essay always starts with the introduction and ends with a conclusion.

The body of the essay starts after the introduction, it is relating to the ideas and topics of the thesis. Main information, important facts, supporting details, evidence supporting the main idea, and examples are presented in this part. There should be unity, cohesion, and transition in the details which are presented in the form of personal examples, quotes of experts, and statistics. To create a developed and well-organized essay these aspects should be taken care of. Mapping an essay is necessary to make sure that you are providing enough information for the reader to understand the topic fully and counterargument with all the essential points and make up his or her own personal opinion on the topic. Research about the topic to get background information as well as the already published data will provide essay help to write new information regarding your essay.

The last section is for the conclusion; the conclusion wraps up an essay. All the information and arguments should be emphasized in this section by summarizing the topic. Paraphrase the thesis in the conclusion and give a review of the supporting ideas you have mentioned. There must be no new idea or information in the conclusion just relate the closing statement to the opening one. The conclusion is always fixed; it should provide completeness to the topic. It concludes thoughts so it is a good practice to end it on a positive note. There are various different types of essays some of them are mentioned below and with just one click you can avail the world’s number 1 write my paper services to get guidelines for essay writing.

Types of Essays

Descriptive Essay

There are some major types of essays that include a descriptive essay. A descriptive essay is a complete description of something in fanciful words and sensory details. It does not just explain an event but paints a picture of the whole idea in front of the reader. The purpose of a descriptive essay is to captivate the reader’s attention and emotions and convey a deeper meaning. Such types of essays need detailed research and information to grab the attention of the readers.

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Narrative Essay:

The other type is a narrative essay, it is like narrating a story or real-life event. The narrative essay should be vivid enough to engage a reader in it and relate to it. It may lead to making a conclusion or personal opinion about a topic that is being narrated. It is mostly written from the first person's perspective. The narrative essays are like telling a story to the readers and the audience will be amazed through your selection of words. The story should grab the attention of the audience and it can be done by using ethos, pathos, and logos in the essay.

Expository Essay:

An expository essay is providing informative analysis about a topic. It defines the topic by using authentic information, facts, statistics, and relevant examples. A wide range of variations of essays is encapsulated in it, like cause/effect essay, comparison/contrast essay, and process /'how-to' essay. There must be presented with a balanced analysis of both sides. Facts and statistics related to the topic can be generated through authentic and official websites to get reliable information.

Persuasive Essay:

A persuasive essay is the presentation of factual information its goal is to make a reader agree with the recommendations mentioned. It is written on the basis of facts and logic and its motive is to convince a reader with the point of view of the subject. There must be mentioned both sides of an argument. A persuasive essay is unbiased and communicates clearly using sound reasoning, examples, and opinions of experts. Opinions of experts should be depicted in your essay in an unbiased way to persuade the readers about your recommendations.

Critical Essay:

A critical essay evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, and techniques of someone's work. Usually, it starts with the ephemeral overview of the text's main points, movies, or an art piece. Then discuss, whether the author or creator made his point clearly, or the accomplishments of goals. It may be about some story, poem, essay, movie, or other art pieces. Critical essays need authentic facts and figures to critically analyze them at various points.

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