A rhetorical analysis outline template you can customize for any topic

A rhetorical analysis essay is written to take a look at any piece of literature. It tries to break down the discourse in text and presents itself to the audience. The purpose of such an essay may be to inform, persuade, and entertain the audience. This kind of essay may be difficult to write for a beginner in writing but when the essay writer knows the tips and tricks, it becomes easier to write. An essay outline will also help the writer in developing coerced thoughts for the readers. In the following lines, we will take a look at a generalized outline of a rhetorical analysis essay.


This section will include the name of the author with a positive phrase about the author to establish authority and credibility. The type of literature or its genre should be mentioned along with the title. A verb should be used to make up the reader’s minds about the work. This is important because sometimes the author argues while some other time, the author may suggest something. A chronological detail should be used to show how the author develops the thesis and supports it. The purpose of the work should be mentioned so that the readers know it while reading. The last part of this section will describe the intended audience and their relationship with the author.


Barbara Kingsolver, initiator of the Bellwether Prize, in her essay, “Stone Soup” argues…... She develops her argument…...

In the above statement, we have shown that the author is trying to develop an argument for the readers. The piece of literature is an essay that has to be analyzed.

Body paragraph # 1

This part will be started with a topic sentence which includes the author’s last name and the strategy implemented in the text. The main purpose of the text will also be included in this paragraph. The writer will have to provide some examples from the text to support the idea. The support should come from the text in the form of a quotation. It will be sufficient to provide the main point in the outline whereas the detailed description will be provided in the original college essay. All the strategies used in the text should be identified and explained by the author with the help of examples from the text. The examples should be explained so that the readers know how they are related to the specific idea. The strategies should also be connected back to the main thesis.

Body paragraph # 2

This paragraph will be connected to the last sentence of the previous paragraph. The writer will identify the next thought presented by the author in the text and the strategies developed by the author. The presentation of these strategies should be supported by the text so that the claim can be explained. You have to identify all the strategies used in the middle section and support them with the text. There should be some complex sentences to explain the whole scenario. The connection between the examples and ideas should also be analyzed. In the outline, you should put up some points which indicate the connection between the claim and examples.

Ending body paragraph

This paragraph will start with a topic sentence that closes the discussion on the content. The rhetorical analysis essay outline will complete the discussion of the strategies in this part. The argument is concluded by connecting the idea from the last sentence of the previous paragraph to the first sentence of this paragraph. This will allow you to show the buildup of strategies upon one another. The discussion of the connection between the strategy and example should also be discussed.


The thesis statement will be restated in this section so that the overall meaning of the text can be further clarified. This section should not be started with the words, in conclusion. The author should reflect upon the main ideas and examples used in the body paragraphs. You should write the reason why a certain point is important and how it is linked to the thesis. The importance of strategies used and their linkage to your thesis should also be discussed. The effectiveness of strategies in communicating the purpose of the text and the thesis statement. The discussion of the thesis statement will show how the creator of the work has achieved the intentions. This section should dig deeper into the piece of literature. Do not add any new points to the discussion in this section. You have to show whether the author has been able to achieve the major purpose of the text or not. The achievement of this purpose should be connected to the introductory section. The verbs used at the start of the introduction should comply with the verbs used in the end.

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