A sample 500-word argumentative essay example on marijuana legalization

Argumentative Essay Example

Writing an argumentative essay is easy if you understand the purpose of such essays. Create a debatable, firm, and clear thesis. The fundamental element of an effective thesis relies on arguments. The audience needs to understand what the argument is about and why research should be done on it.

Provide necessary knowledge regarding the background of the information on the topic. For example, a bit of information regarding the previous strategies done to legalize marijuana should be added. Writing certain amendments to the legalization of marijuana should be discussed in the essay.

It is also essential for the essay writer to mention in the argumentative essay about different departments, policies, and organizations working to stop the prohibition of marijuana products. The argumentative essay should have an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph to summarize the topic. Introduction

The incorporation of ethos, pathos, and logos in the essay is essential. The use of logos is highly essential because the argumentative essay should convince the readers. This is highly essential for the writer to convince their readers to adapt the changes and to take a particular stance on a certain problem. It is highly essential to use logic and avoid the use of logical fallacies. Emotional touch and use of pathos is also an important part of the argumentative essay.

For example, how the legalization of marijuana can ease people, increase money and economy, and how the medical use of these products can save the lives of people will convince the readers for its legalization process.

Ethos is essential because it provides credibility. To address the counter-arguments such as how the legalization of marijuana is affecting the economy and the name of organizations working to stop the prohibition of marijuana products will give a reliable touch to the statements. For Example, the DPA. You can also get help from others and let them process your write my paper request.

A 500-word essay should have basic information regarding marijuana and its products, background issues of the legalization process, and how certain organizations and communities are working for the process. What factors and issues are interrupting the process of legalization? How legalization would benefit the community and the country and then solutions for the legalization process would be mentioned in the essay. If confused, you can ask others to write my essay for me.

500-word essay on Marijuana Legalization


The possession and custom of marijuana are not permitted in the United States under federal law. It has been recognized as a high potential substance for no accepted medical use and abuse. Hence, the use of Clinical purposes is also prohibited. However, at the state level, the legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical use varies greatly. There are conflicts regarding the use of marijuana in states. Under the doctor's recommendations, the medical use of marijuana is legalized in many states. There are laws that prohibit the use of marijuana in clinical practices. There are laws regarding the limitation of THC content such as the high content of cannabidiol. It is a non-psychoactive substance of cannabis. It has been a schedule-l drug and many amendments have been processed complying with the use of marijuana in states.

There is more community support regarding law reforms for marijuana. There is more support than ever before because more than half of the country is supporting the legalization of marijuana. Also, the Drug Policy Alliance has suggested that marijuana should be treated like tobacco and alcohol. People of color and youngsters are harmed disproportionately by the criminalization of marijuana. It has failed to curb youngsters' access and also there is also the massive level of sponsors creating corruption and violence.

Regulations and legalization of marijuana will give the nation under the rule of law the largest cash crop. the economy and opportunities for jobs will be increased in the community. The illicit market has declined the economy overall in the United States whereas the job opportunities will be created and people would be facilitated with new industries.

Reducing the cost of courts and correction charges, scarce law enforcement, and its sources can be effectively utilized. Local and state governments will acquire important novel sources of tax revenue from the regulations of sales of marijuana. The money can be saved for federal and state regulations if the legalization of marijuana will be established. The testing of marijuana products is a widespread process that has been required for the legalized markets of marijuana. This will let consumers know about the products and information regarding marijuana will be better informed.

It has been believed that it is time to restrict racially-biased, ineffective, and unjust biased enforcement of the prohibition of marijuana in the states. Many organizations are working to stop unjust and biased programs against the prohibition of marijuana legalization such as Drug Policy Alliance DPA. It is time to establish a well-regulated system to run the marijuana industry. These departments and programs are establishing reinvestment in the most affected industries due to marijuana criminalization. By establishing a well organized and regulated way of marijuana industries, the country will gain from it.


The essay has highlighted that there are certain solutions for making the legalization of marijuana processing easy and quick. For instance, there must be a system of well regulated and tightly managed marijuana industry for adults 21 and over. The improvement in marijuana use, hemp farming, and medical marijuana will improve the industry in a well-regulated manner. The reality-based drug Training and education programs can be organized to make people aware of reducing access to marijuana and for its safe and protected promotion. Therefore, the legalization of marijuana can benefit the community, and the economy of the country will be enhanced and improved.

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