A sample analytical essay outline and research guide on gender roles

Any piece of academic writing on gender roles requires from the students their description of how well they have understood the specificity of roles are located between two genders. Teachers in schools, colleges, and universities assign the students to write this kind of paper. The objective is to check how has the current generation tackled the behavioral and social norms which have been set by the ancestors as far as gender is regarded.

The contemporary world is characterized by social, technological, economic, and cultural changes that are rapid and unique. In order to survive in different situations, people have to adapt to the changes occurring around them. Gender roles have also undergone significant changes and analytical writing on gender roles can reflect on the evolving society and recent instances whereby gender roles have changed and continue to do so.

Throughout the world, gender equity has also remained a sensitive issue because a lot of societies rank males on top of their female counterparts in the social and cultural hierarchy. As social dynamics began to change people have come out to speak strongly for the changes they want and perceive in the roles assigned to various genders. People feel that some genders have been depressed for a long time especially the female gender and the transitioning of society in modernity requires affirmative action so that equality is achieved among all the genders.

Since time immemorial societies have set up different norms which divide the two genders. This implies that gender is a social construct whereby the female gender has always been restricted to domestic chores. Whereas men have been permitted to explore every area in the public domain. Many factors have also played pivotal roles in the evolution of this understanding. Some of these factors are education, public policy, workplace dynamics, and traditions or customs.

Analytical essay on gender roles needs that students must present some type of claim or argument about their analysis. The changing dynamics of gender roles can be analyzed and the thesis statement of such an essay can answer why or how the gender roles have changed over time. The essay writer and the reader are simultaneously provided with a clearly focused lens in an analytical essay through which they can view the subject.

If a student has been assigned the task of writing an analytical essay the first step is to create a comprehensive and detailed outline. There are many benefits of creating an outline before executing the task of writing in the academic horizons. Firstly, an outline helps to focus the attention of students and assists them in determining what to write.

Some questions which an outline can answer are as follows:

  • What does a writer need to tell their readers?
  • Is the content in the right order?
  • Are there transitions between body paragraphs logical and smooth?
  • What is the relationship between different concepts in the thesis statement?

An outline can also help to determine if every topic has been stressed upon in an adequate amount. If there are any gaping holes, students can review the whole thing with the help of an outline. Below is a sample analytical essay outline on gender roles. This outline should be adhered to while writing a college essay as it can easily organize the thoughts of a writer in a coherent manner.

Introduction: The opening section of the analytical essay on gender roles should be eye-catching and interesting. The emergence of gender as a central trend in different fields of studies can be discussed in the introduction. The last line of the first paragraph should be a comprehensive and strong thesis statement about the analytical essay.

Body: In this section, students are supposed to tell about their research and their findings. It can be about the positive or negative attitude towards various genders and the evolution of gender roles in contemporary society. Students are also required to provide their own understanding of gender roles. Some facts and credible evidence should also serve as convincing arguments.

In this section, key concepts in gender, for instance, freedom of action, stereotypes, biological facts, beliefs of inferiority, patriarchy, sexism, and gender norms can be discussed. The requirements of an analytical essay also and tell that if there is any confusion between a particular subject matter those should be cleared. Regarding the differences between gender and sex, there has been a considerable level of confusion. Therefore, it is necessary that these confusions must be cleared in the body paragraphs through scientific research and biological definitions. The reinforcement of traditional gender roles can also be provided as evidence in the body paragraphs.

Conclusion: The conclusion of the analytical essay on gender roles should present the major concepts presented in the essay and the writer should make it clear about their perspective. A powerful conclusion is of paramount importance because the reader may judge the whole work on the basis of the last lines.

The research should enable a student to discuss the gender binary and societal expectations of gender roles in a comprehensive manner. Research should be conducted in a way so that students can analyze gender using various theories. The pairs work and existing literature and must also be critically and constructively reviewed at the end of the research. There should be a systematic gathering of information on gender roles and all the actors and target groups must be involved while conducting the research. The concepts of universality and objectivity must be questioned and experiential knowledge should be valued by researching gender roles. The inclusion of the voice of research participants can also be promoted as a non-traditional qualitative research method.

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