A Sample Research Paper Portion on Domestic Violence

Hey you! Worried about your research paper? Well, I am not gonna lie. You should be worried.

Research papers are neither simple nor easy. So, it’s probably a good thing that you are taking tension right now.

But, always remember, if an essay writer takes too much tension it will get to his head. Then, there is no way you will get the job done.

However, if you are worrying too much then I have something to help you. Here is a research paper example on the topic of domestic violence. I am attaching this example so that you can study it.

Once you do that, you will understand how to write one for yourself.

Have a look.


Violence is something that is ever-present on the earth. It is also something that has been inflicted upon women time and time again, especially, in the form of domestic violence. This form of violence occurs in a setting of cohabitation or marriage. It is a fact that most of the victims of domestic violence are women and that these instances leave a deep impact on them. However, the attitude towards domestic violence is noteworthy and its effects even more so. In most cases, it is also considered a personal issue where the victim faces a great deal of blame which has hazardous effects.

First of all, thinking of domestic violence as a personal issue is something that is prevalent in most societies. A survey conducted on this issue shows that even many Americans believe that the issues of the household are not the problem of the public. There is an age-old belief that the problems of a home should stay at home and it seems that this belief is still prevalent in some circles.

The problem with having such a belief system is that it does not give the victims of abuse a chance to seek justice for themselves. Abuse is a crime and domestic violence is a form of abuse, albeit an intimate and private one. Nonetheless, the intimacy or privacy of the issue should not prevent victims from seeking justice for a crime but that is exactly what happens. Surveys show how cases of domestic violence are severely underreported. This is because of the fact that many people do not believe that such issues are a public matter. Another reason for underreporting is victim-blaming.

The second problem with domestic violence is that a great many people tend to blame the victim instead of the perpetrator…

Points to be Noted!


Note that the very first statement of the college essay is something that relates to the audience. I have talked about the presence of violence on earth which most people know to be true.

This generic statement is known as a hook and is used to grab the attention of the audience.

Once you have that, you can move on to the specifics.


Next up, I have given some context on what domestic violence is and who are the victims of this issue. This is important in every case as some people may not have this information.

So, it is important to give information to your audience. Especially in the introduction.

It is designed to provide information so you must do this. Then, you can explain your thesis clearly.


You will notice the brackets that I have placed after certain sentences. This is where the in-text citations come in a normal research paper.

Go back and read the sentences before the brackets.

You will notice that they are placed after statements that need proving. In short, the evidence is needed for these claims.

So, any such statement that is claiming something must be backed up by in-text citations. References should be mentioned separately.


The statement at the very end of the introduction has been underlined. This is done for a reason.

I have done this to show you what my thesis really is. You don’t need to underline it unless stated otherwise.

Notice that this statement is at the very end of the introduction. This will always be the case with your thesis.

It will always be placed at the end of the introduction.

Topic Sentence:

You will notice how the very first sentences of the body paragraphs are italicized. Again, you don’t need to do this. I have done it to show you the topic sentence.

This will be the very first sentence of the body paragraph and it will tell you about the paragraph itself.

It will tell you what the paragraph will be talking about. This is done to maintain a structure.


Since the thesis mentions the effects of victim-blaming and considering domestic violence a personal issue, this paper can take the shape of a cause and effect essay.

What I have done is that I have discussed one issue and then in the next paragraph, I discuss its effects.

A similar pattern will be followed after the 3rd body paragraph ends.

You can also write the causes first and discuss the effects later.

There You Have It!

I have given you a sample and told you all that you need to know about writing a research paper.

Now, if you don’t think you can handle this then you should get help online.

Contact an essay writing service to get your essay done. They will give you a better opportunity to understand the know-how of writing.

Good luck!

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