A Sample Speech for the Beginners to get Started - Example

Writing a speech isn’t a difficult task at all compared to other academic writings. Speech writing is a little different from essay writing because in this type of writing you have to be a little informal and interactive with the audiences. You have to follow some rules and requirements of speech writing to be able to pull it off. You need to select an appropriate topic for your speech, know the main purpose and type of speech before getting started.

Another important step is to recognize your audience before writing a speech so that you would be able to connect with your audience. Don’t worry if you have never written a speech before you will definitely learn the techniques to write an incredible speech. This is indeed true that it doesn't matter if you have to write a speech for business, social work, school, or an exam, writing a speech exhausts you so much more than any other academic writing.

You don’t need to freak out if you have no experience in writing a speech. I will share a speech sample to make you understand how to write an amazing speech. An essay writer has to write a speech in present simple tense. The main purpose of speech writing is to keep the audiences engaged so you have to ensure that you should stick to the topic to make your speech more interesting.

Do not use too difficult or complex vocabulary that would make your audience disconnected from your speech. I will share a speech example with you so that you will get an idea of how to write a good speech on any topic. You should do the art of writing a speech that will make your audience believe in the importance of the topic. You can use informal words to grab the attention of the audience. Have a look at the below-mentioned example of a speech. It will help you out with writing your own piece of speech or you can ask others to write my paper.

Speech Sample

If you had the power to eliminate one thing from this world what would it be? If I had the power to eliminate one thing from this world it would be discrimination. Discriminative behavior is unacceptable. Unfortunately millions of people face discrimination on the basis of skin color, ethnicity, religion, race, gender, age, and sexuality.

People who are present here must have faced discrimination at a point in their life. Discrimination is the unfair and biased treatment towards others based on the characteristics like gender, race, age, the color of the skin ethnicity, etc.

People make derogatory comments to make them feel like they are inferior to them. Blacks are being treated as second-grade citizens compared to whites. They are being targeted and become an object of violence and brutality. They are not given the same opportunities and facilities as white people in the United States of America. It is important for us to understand the worth of freedom and peace and fight for injustice. Who doesn’t know the struggles and efforts of Martin King Luther to attain peace and freedom? Justice must be served at any cost if it is not being served it is your right to fight for it.

Many people lose their jobs and often don't get hired just because of their race and their color of the skin or gender. It can create outrage, frustration, and mental stress in a specific group of people who are being discriminated against. People go through mental stress due to the discrimination being done to them. It is being perceived that discrimination is linked with psychological and physical health issues like depression, anxiety, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. Being discriminated against publicly can shatter the confidence in you and it can create an immense amount of hatred and rage against the world.

We should try to accept people rather than posing them harm in any way. I am so glad that all of you came here to show support for this noble cause. Let’s start making a difference in society by being more human towards each other regardless of the fact that they belong to different religions, ethnicity, caste, skin color, or race.

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