A Writing Process to Sketch a Perfect Descriptive Essay

It's not like all intelligent individuals can be successful authors who should claim that they deserve to see their academic reports displayed on the wall. However, descriptive essays surely make it easier to write down an impactful paper.

A descriptive essay is the most easily writable form of essay. It needs your thorough explanation of something. This could be an individual, an incident, a location or it might be a personal observation.

Do you really find a descriptive paper a challenging task?

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What is the basic concept of a descriptive essay?

A descriptive essay provides a thorough overview of the research topic and draws an image of words in the minds of the audience. It may be about an item, place, individual, emotion, circumstance, or anything else. This sounds like preparing a narrative essay except that it's different and offers multiple viewpoints.

This essay strengthens the capacity of the student to establish an impression by allowing attention to the reader's senses. The five senses include sound, touch, taste, sight, and smell.

Writing a descriptive essay is meant to explain anything like a person, event, place, or circumstance. Descriptive expression or papers provide the audience with a good description of the matter of the essay. The essay writer will use the descriptive vocabulary to make the audience recognize what is all about the paper.

Main points of descriptive essay

The descriptive essay would comprise five sensory organs of the human body.

Sensory explanation

Effective descriptive essays include stirring up the readers' passions and establishing interaction with them. They create an image of the topic and activate the audience’s senses such as sight, sound, smell, and taste.

Figurative style

Another of the major themes of a descriptive essay is the usage of figurative words. The character description of the subject is developed with the use of metaphors, similes, adjectives, and adverbs, etc. This description makes viewers know what the author knows about both the subject and allows him to imagine the topic.

Central point

The central idea forms and guides the contents of the argument, and helps in managing the descriptions. The essay's main concept should be clearly established and aimed at a single level.

Clear language

Your essay's influence depends on what sort of vocabulary you are using in it. The vocabulary will underline the essay's key theme and purpose. So do not use unclear and vague terms.

Arrange your thoughts

One basic feature of a descriptive essay is an ordered framework. The timeline of events, geographic location, and organization also plays a very significant role.

How to write a descriptive essay?

The preparation of a successful descriptive essay includes the identification of subjects, the development of an overview, the arrangement of ideas, and the introduction of related material.

The descriptive college essay composition process will be as follows;

Selecting the topic

It is essential to choose a fascinating topic for your paper. The topic of the essay will be appealing, such that the reader is compelled to stick with you during the essay.

Crafting a descriptive outline

Formulate an outline to manage the relevant data in proper order. It will help organize your essay, and this will encourage you to have all the sensory input.

Writing a descriptive introduction

The essay starts with an introduction. This presents the key subject and provides a firm viewpoint, which generates the essay's initial impression. The introduction provides a short description of what the essay will be about.

Crafting a thesis statement

A statement of thesis determines the essay 's nature and intent. This is a short message body and therefore should be specific and understandable. Start writing the sentence creatively and use terms specific to it.

You need to create suspense in your thesis argument and attract the reader towards your essay's body.

Penning down the descriptive body paragraphs

The paragraphs of the body affirm the introduction, the intent, and pursue the course described in the statement of the thesis. Use main ideas with every paragraph's first statement, and actually come up with evidence to back it up.

The very next step would be to use transition terms to connect the paragraphs with. Almost all of the transition words implemented in this essay are conjunctions. Make use of the conjunctions that match your essay appropriately.

In the presence of knowledge and thoughts, arrange the descriptions correctly in an ordered manner.

Writing a strong descriptive concluding paragraph

The final part of the essay is the conclusion, which is really the only opportunity to attract the audience. It summarizes the paper and offers a path ahead.

You should use the correct terms like “to continue with,” “to complete” and "to conclude" to indicate an ending to the essay. Your conclusion should reintroduce the concept of the thesis and display the results, whether something applies to a research project.

So these are all the practicing techniques that you will apply to make your descriptive essay a perfect one. Here are some descriptive essay prompts that will assist you in deciding your eventual descriptive essay. Even you are free to opt for the one as well;

  • The first time I went to visit the Blue Mosque.
  • A stranger that I met on that specific day.
  • Describe the journey you took to Disneyland.
  • Describe the character of Anna in Frozen
  • Describe the presentation techniques which can make your presentation a worthy one.
  • What is the happiest memory of yours?

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