An Ultimate Guide on how to add Academic Phrases in Essay Writing

Trying to make your essay more formal and academic? One of the easiest ways to do so is to focus on the language you use for the essay and include suitable academic phrases. There are a number of academic phrases available to the essay writer for the composition. They are divided into categories depending on their use. For your convenience, here are some major categories of commonly used phrases along with their use.

  1. 1. For additional information

    In an essay, there can be a list of different types of ideas or information that is of great significance. You can use the following phrases in that case:

    • In addition to this, Moreover, furthermore, Likewise, similarly, As well as

      When there is a list of concepts, evidence, or other information, you can use these phrases to keep them separated and comprehensible.

    • to say nothing of/Not to mention

      When you have to include more information but you want the reader to pay more attention to it, then use these phrases before you state that’s the specific point.

  2. 2. For illustrating contrast

    You can use this phrase in order to introduce a point that is opposing to another point you just stated. These phrases come in handy a lot and offer a smooth transition through the essay.

    • However when you are stating two contradicting points, use this phrase to join them.
    • On the other hand, Having said that, in comparison These can be used interchangeably with ‘however’. It is more appropriate to use when you have to distinguish between two concepts or entities. They also introduce a contrasting analysis of the same evidence which suggests more than one opinion.
  3. 3. For recognizing reservations

    Sometimes in the essay, you have to state the reservation or opposing ideas. To separate your ideas and the opposing ones, it is necessary that you use the academic phrases for it.

    • With this in mind

      When you have to tell you the reader of the shortcoming or contradicting fact but in a subtle way you use this phrase.

    • Provided that, on condition that, providing that When you have to state some information but it carries a significant condition, then use one of these phrases to make your readers.
    • in light of, In view of

      You should use these phrases when you want to shed light on something with one of your arguments or evidence.

    • Nonetheless, Despite this, Nevertheless, Notwithstanding You can use it when you have to outline one specific point which stands with any regard for a shortfall in the evidence.
  4. 4. Offering examples

    Examples give the best impression to the reader and let them understand the point readily. An example can be evidence from the research or any daily life activities. You can also hire a professional essay writer service if you find this difficult. The most commonly used phrase is ‘for example’. However, if you use it frequently through the essay, it will make the essay monotonous. The better approach is to use other phrases as given below:

    • For instance

      This is a good replacement for ‘for example’ in your essay.

    • for illustration

      Explain your point using this phrase. You can write, ‘for an illustration of my point, take a look at the problem concerning...’

  5. 5. Stating significance

    When there is a pile of information, usually the key points are lost within it. To avoid that, you can use the following academic phrases.

    • Notably

      This is it to be used when there are a number of significant key points and yet one of them stands out. You can also use ‘in particular’ in place of it.

    • Significantly, Importantly

      These phrases are used before you state the key point. For instance, when writing an essay on human trafficking, you can state that ‘importantly, the victims of human trafficking are denied any human rights.’

  6. 6. For summarizing or concluding

    These academic phrases are used to conclude or summarize the key points of an essay. The best essay writing service will provide you with a good conclusion with these phrases. It will let the readers know that the essay is coming to an end. Use academic phrases in order to build a compelling essay.

  • All in all

    This is a commonly used academic phrase to summarize all the key points and mention the result in one sentence.

  • Above all

    You can use this academic phrase to state the most important point of all when composing the conclusion. Usually, this is to highlight the main point and then mention the result of all discussion.

  • All things considered

    When concluding the essay, you can use this phrase to state that you have taken everything into account before driving the conclusion.

  • Compelling, Persuasive

    These phrases are not used commonly but they are used to signify the takeaway of the essay in the conclusion section. Mostly for the opinion based essay, you state that ‘I find this argument to be most compelling and thus…’ before you state the result.

  • In conclusion

    You can use it to begin the concluding paragraph that is aimed to summarize the whole essay in a broad overview.

With all these academic phrases, you can significantly improve the quality of your essay. But keep one thing in mind, do not use them where they are not needed. If you are required to include concluding academic phrases then include it only once. Overusing or misusing the academic phrases will only compromise the quality of the essay.

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