Have you followed all the academic writing conventions in your essay? Use this checklist to know

Are you a high school or college student? Do you have to do a lot of academic writing? Are you not getting top grades in your essays and other writing assignments? Do you want to write like a professional essay writer? Do you want to get the top grades in your essays? Do you want to increase the readability of your essay? Do you want to make sure that you are following all the writing conventions while writing your essays? Has your teacher been pointing out that your writing is too informal or you do not follow the writing conventions? Well, I wonder who’s a fault is this. Of course, not yours. In smaller grades, you were never told by your teachers to follow the writing conventions or they were not so strict about it. They did not give you bad grades for not following the writing conventions in your essays. Well, as you grow up and move into higher grades, following academic conventions keep becoming important and your teachers start being strict about it and reprimand and give bad grades for failing to follow the conventions.

Have you made it to high school or college? Well, I do not know if I should congratulate or console you. As you submit your first assignment in high school and especially in college, you get bad grades for not following the writing conventions, you then find out that it is no more acceptable to just put your thoughts or ideas on the paper and submit. Now you have to check if you have followed all the rules of academic writing. You have to ensure that your essay is properly formatted. You realize that you cannot get top grades in your essays without mastering all the writing conventions. If you want your professors to give you great grades, you must be sticking to the writing conventions while writing your essays.

To understand what writing conventions are and why it is imperative for a high school and college student to master them, you should give a thorough read to this blog or you can ask others to write essay for me.

What are the writing conventions?

Language rules and elements that help you make your writing clear and understandable are termed writing conventions. By following these rules and correctly using elements like signposts and transitions, you are able to write essays that the reader can read all the way to end, without even stopping for a moment to think about what you were intending to say, or how your one argument was related to another. In elementary and middle school teachers are not so strict about these writing conventions, however, as you move up the academic ladder, your instructors get really strict about these conventions. As you move up the academic ladder, the academic workload keeps increasing, in college you have to do a ton of assignments, give presentations, and maintain a social life. With all that stress, they find it hard to learn writing conventions. Therefore, you must start mastering them as early as possible.

Primary writing conventions

The most basic writing conventions include spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Even elementary school students are expected to know and follow these conventions in their writings. Making a mistake in following these conventions is an embarrassment. Therefore, you should master them to the level that even when you are just putting your thoughts on the paper in rough work, you are naturally following these conventions.


Would you like to read an essay that is full of spelling mistakes? What do you think about the student who wrote it? Of course, you are going to say how dumb he/she is. You are going to laugh at the essay and all the ridiculous spelling mistakes. So getting the spelling right is of utmost importance in academic writing. Today, there are many online digital software and applications that you can use to find spelling mistakes in your essays. However, you should not depend on these tools and improve your spelling.


To understand the importance of punctuation, try reading the above paragraph after removing all the punctuation marks. You will find out that the text will become very hard to follow. With the proper use of punctuation, you tell the reader what you meant by a sentence. You tell the reader how to read your text, where to pause, stop, and where a new sentence or a new paragraph starts. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.


It helps the reader identify what is a proper noun and where a new sentence is starting. By using capital letters in acronyms, you can shorten words. It is very easy to learn and follow in your writing.


It is to know all the tenses and the proper usage of the different forms of verbs. By using grammar accurately, you will be able to give a good sense of the present, past simple, and perfect to the reader. It gives a time frame to the reader.

Writing conventions checklist

If you are not sure that you have followed all the writing conventions in your writing, you must check out the following checklist:

  • Are your sentences complete?
  • In all your sentences, subjects and verbs are in agreement with another.
  • Make sure you have used any slang or colloquial language.
  • Make sure that you have not used any contraction in your essay.
  • Make sure you have not used first and second-person pronouns.
  • You should use dashes and hyphens only when necessary.
  • Very few exclamation marks should be used in formal writing.
  • You should avoid using clichés in your writing.
  • Avoid run-over sentences.
  • You are discussing only one main idea in each paragraph.

Pro tip: You should try to imitate the writing style of peer-reviewed articles in your field of study.

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