How to Create an Amazing Evaluation Essay - Writing Guide

Evaluation essay. Seems simple enough, no? Well, you might want to rethink that statement. Because as far as I know, evaluation essays are, in fact, not as easy as you might think.

But then again, you are here, aren’t you? Which means that you have figured this one out as well.

And you are in need of some serious help. You are probably thinking something along the lines of “Please, write my paper for me free, please”. Aren’t you? Yeah, that happens a lot. But before you ask someone else to write you an essay, you should have a look at what I have to offer.

Surely, I can provide you essay help a little bit. I can guide you on how to write an evaluation essay.

And give you some useful tips along the way.

So, go ahead and have a look at what I have to say.

Step no. 1: The Topic, Of course

That one is obvious. The first step in starting an essay is to select the topic. You will have to look for one that can be judged or criticized.

Basically, you are evaluating something in this essay. Hence, the name.

So, your topic must be something that can be evaluated. It does not have to be overly complex but don’t keep it too simple either.

Step no. 2: Research

Once you have selected a topic, you will need to gain all the information about it. How else will you evaluate it?

If you want to do a fair evaluation then you will have to know all the facts, right?

And you can only find them by conducting research of your own. So, whatever your topic may be, research is a must.

Step no. 3: The Thesis

Now, that you have done your research, you probably have an opinion on the topic that you have chosen.

This is how you will form your thesis statement.

You will take a stance on the thing that you are evaluating and then try to prove it through evidence.

So, make up your mind about your stance in this step, ok?

Step no. 4: The Criteria

Considering that the point of this essay is to evaluate something, it is rather obvious that you will need a criterion.

After all, you can’t just evaluate something in the air.

An essay writer will need something to evaluate it against. The criteria will serve that purpose.

So, decide on what criteria you will keep for your essay. Remember this is the benchmark of your evaluation so be careful.

Step no. 5: Judgment

When you have decided on your criteria, you will also have to decide on what judgment you have passed.

This judgment will obviously depend on what you are evaluating and the criteria itself.

Be sure to not be overly critical and leave a little room for human error. Be fair and just in your criticism and that will be impressive enough in itself.

Step no. 6: Evidence

Ok, so you have passed your judgment. But is that enough? No! You will need to give evidence to support your claim.

For example, if you are claiming that a certain product is ineffective then you will have to give reasons as to why you think that.

So, you need to gather the evidence that will support your claim and then make logical arguments.

Step no. 7: Refute Arguments (Optional)

Ok, so you don’t actually need to do this, but if you do then you get bonus marks.

At the end of the essay, before the conclusion, point out a few arguments that go against your narrative. And then logically refute them.

That is to say, prove those arguments invalid.

This will make your case so much stronger and impress your professor too.

Step no. 8: The First Draft

Now, comes the time to put all of your effort into writing. You have one all that you can about your college essay. Now, you must write it.

Create a rough first draft.

Yes, rough. There is no way you will get it right the first time around. You will have to create many more drafts.

Start with a rough one and see how it is.

Step no. 9: Revise & Rewrite

So, obviously, you will have to modify your draft. Go through it and look for what is wrong.

Check the arguments, the evidence, the structure most of all.

Leave the grammar and punctuation for now. You can do that once you have the final draft.

In this one, you need to make sure that you are clearly getting your point across.

Step no. 10: Proofread One Last Time

Now, this is the time to check on any punctuational or grammatical errors.

Once you are sure that you have your final draft at hand, go through the document one last time to look for these small errors.

You will find plenty of them.

Once you are done with proofreading, your essay will be ready to submit. Good luck with that. Or you can also ask others to write essay for me now.

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